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    Drop Zone is probably the easiest mode to play solo.

      Whenever I have no friends available for Ghosts, I tend to play Drop Zone solo.  Out of the 16 matches I've recently played, I only lost about 1-2 matches.  The reason for this is simple--nobody cares about the drop zone (sadly enough).


      Whenever my team wins, I'm astounded by the amazing K/D spread of the enemy team.....well, not really.  I mean granted, a lot of kills looks good, but not when your team still lost despite those so called "gun skills".  That's just embarrassing right there.  I figure if someone has a high caliber of gun skill, why not demonstrate it while pursing objectives?  I've also been running into A LOT of quickscopers in Drop Zone as well.  Has anyone noticed that?


      Lastly, Drop Zone is so easy, I can use a riot shield and perform a non-lethal objective run, yet I STILL have the most points in the lobby.