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    Talk the Talk? Better Walk the Walk.


      It never ceases to amaze me how often I run across folks in CoD Lobbies who just feel the need to constantly flap their gums, trash talk, or just try to belittle others or inflate their own egos.


      It seems that Fun has been lost somewhere in the mix, and that somewhere along the line it became "Fun" to insult or infuriate others.


      But every now and then an opportunity arises to shut those folks up, and when it does it feels Oh So Good.


      Had a scenario this past Sunday in which I was put into a HC TDM lobby a few seconds before the match was to begin. The Map vote was for Bayview or Stonehaven. A group of 4 or 5 guys in the lobby were taunting the others, saying they "Definitely don't want to pick Bayview. Pick Stonehaven so you can see how that map is supposed to be played." As Stonehaven was the majority choice (I picked Bayview just to be contrary ), the game began loading with the clan or party that was taunting on the opposing team.


      As we waited to be put into the other match, the group continued to taunt the rest of the lobby, telling us how we "were going to hate this map after the match" and to prepare for "beating".


      Needless to say, the rest of us didn't take too kindly to that. As the countdown timer rolled down, our team immediately discussed strategy. It was fortunate that almost our entire team had mics and was using them. Had a nice young lady and a few really communicative guys on the team, and as we were spawning in the castle determined right away that we needed to flip the spawns. It was pretty obvious the other team had it in their mind they were going to trap us in the castle and pick us off as we tried to escape. So, we decided to turn that strategy around on them.


      Match started, I strafed right along the water and got first blood with my IA-2  on someone coming through the gap in the stone wall and was immediately sniped from the burning building area. Upon respawn, saw that my team had created a path straight up the middle past Grandma's House and the White Trucks, and took it. Sure enough we quickly fought back into the match and began taking over the village, forcing the other team to spawn in Castle. Our communication was really spot on... and by the end of the match we had won by nearly 20 kills.


      Didn't shut the other team up at all, saying we had gotten lucky. When Flooded came up, they again announced how badly we were going to be beaten. They played the bulk of the match trying to get to camping spots, but once again our merry band of Randoms beat them by 12-15 kills.


      Immediately after that match, of course, the big mouths claimed the lobby had a "bad host", and mysteriously vanished


      Playing Lone Wolf isn't always fun, in fact it can be quite frustrating at times. But every so often you get a scenario like this, where a group of complete randoms comes together to play an amazing game and put trash talkers in their place.


      Just wanted to see if anyone had similar stories to share. Of players who talked big that you managed to shut up... or at least make look foolish, by simply beating them in game. How do you handle Trash Talkers? Do they inspire you to play better? Do they get under your skin? Do you just mute them and ignore it?


      Looking forward to some good discussion. Please remember to refrain from Naming and Shaming, keep it civil and have fun.

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          I normally mute all except my party but on the odd occaision i have heard morons on the other team trash talking to members of my team before a game starts.  The funny thing is they are normally the ones that have rage quit before the game ends when they are on the wrong end of a kicking

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            Do I come across trashtalkers? Nearly every other lobby. They dont bug me, but I tell them to stop trash talking unless you have the credentials for it. If you're going 5-20 or something like that, you cant trashtalk. Unless you have something to back yourself up, dont talk sh**. But its funny too, the ones who do talk the talk, usually end up rage quitting. Sometimes I message them too if they talked about me during a match, "Why talk big and rage quit?" No response every single time

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              I like a little banter, from myself & from others especially in Search & Destroy games.

              Modes such as Dom , yea sometimes they can go over board other times it's mindf#ck at it's prime, I like competing against someone in my "class" so to speak - time played, KD around the same, as well as SPM/Avg Score, I look for him always in-game, but it always can come down to a map, I prefer an active type play vs the hide & seek battles for my, let my walking do the talking 

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                I'm that type of guy who questions the trash-talkers. I make no threats, I make no harassing comments, I just say, "Why?". "What have I ever done to make you scream and swear at me so demeaningly?". Then when they finish their rant of doing irrelevant stuff with my mother, or telling me that I'm bad (whether or not I beat them in the game), I tell them the most underused statement in the history of all multiplayer gaming, nothing at all.


                That's why they invented the glorious mute button.

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                  I've never said a single word on XBL or PSN, and this is the reason why.  I have the 360 voice volume on zero, and the first thing I do when I join a lobby on PS3 is try to mute everyone.


                  ( oh, btw @Sony . . I hope to pick up a 2nd Gen PS4 when they arrive.  System-level VOIP mute . . get it done, fellas   )



                  Anyway, I'm sure I've had guys screaming at me not to use a crossing that's been locked down by a hidden sniper, and I've wandered out blissfully and got alleviated of my head.  Obviously, those helpful guys have my apologies, but I view VOIP as issue of diminishing returns.

                  Before I get lit up for this, I've never played SnD, and the only obj mode I've done is DLCKC.  Due to no chat, I've pretty much been all pub, lone, core TDM on console.  So why not FFA, then?  I don't know; TDM seems more fun.



                  During the days of CoD4 & W@W on PC, I played on dedicated servers rented and maintained by clans.  You'd see a lot of people often and chat about game-stuff and life-stuff while battling.  And TDM was, like, 18-a-side, and both teams would chat to each other politely and help each other get better.  Gamers got to know each other, and it was amazing!  There were also forums.



                  Those days are history on PC, too.  Apart from having listen servers nowadays, "ns"; "nice nade"; "gg all," has been replaced by, "gtfo, hacker"; "fu noob"; "l2p" . . . etc.   To be fair, the present-day online experience is not only in CoD.  It's not even only restricted to shooters.  Well, it's not even only restricted to games.


                  ( You see, back in my day . . .    )


                  Single player modes are a much bigger part of my computer gaming now than they were 5 years ago, and it's increasing.  It's just more fun.


                  [ Quick side comment:  People that use "Underground" zone on XBL should accept their losses quietly and finish the game. ]

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                      I see where you are coming from, but I will say that for every bad chat experience I've had, I've had 3 or 4 good experiences. I have met a lot of fun, interesting people, and I feel it is my responsibility as a teammate to communicate, even if nobody else is.

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                          I'm very conscious that I could be missing great call-outs from people like yourself.  I can only apologise to guys like this and stay away from modes where comms make the difference.  Some core TDM matchups in pubs can also be won and lost on comms, but I assume it's not too many, and you let go of one to get one.



                          I didn't start XBoxing with voice volume on zero.  I researched how to do it after hearing the belittling and taunting you wrote about in the OP - not that I'm over-sensitive or anything because I'm not.  When you kill these types of guys, you get some seconds of abuse and their name pops up at the top of the screen in red/orange.  Then a few seconds later ( approx a killcam's length later ), you get it again.  You know, it's funny.  I get called a X for doing the exact thing that he intended to do to me.  Does that make him a X, too?  Now, if I've muted the right guys, when I get the double name pop-up on PS3, I just get silence.  From experience, though, I know he's not saying "gg".



                          BUT I have exchanged "gg" pleasantries after some squad vs squad games on XBL.  There are definitely some fun guys out there.



                          Heh, in BO2, when I saw a claymore or bb on the path with a teammate close behind, I'd spin round and try to block him.  Somehow, he'd instinctively stop, and I'd turn back round and shoot it up.  Or if I got rescued, I'd go right up to the teammate and do a 'curtsey' by crouching and standing back up.  Sometimes you just find a way .  OK, granted, it's hardly, "top Owens AR one shot; white cross pushing mid; B-dom thermal; red dumpster sub plus dog."  ( err . . I can't really talk like that.  I just watched a gamebattle once, *ähem* ).

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                        i used to run into this all the time on ps3, it's not so prevalent on ps4 but i thnk it's down to hardly anyone having mic's

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                          I normally mute all just as soon as I get entered into a game.  Most people don't do call-outs and even when I've done that people generally are going to play their style, even if it means suicide into a crowded building.


                          During the times I leave my mic on, which isn't often, about the only times I'll speak up for any sort of trash talking is to put a racist in his place.  Not a better feeling than calling someone out on their ignorance and then completely destroying them or the party and causing them to rage quit. 


                          Sadly the community just isn't that much fun to banter with like it used to be.  I too remember meeting lots of nice folks while playing MW, MW2 and BO1.  People take these games way too seriously.

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                              Yes and No. I feel like if I don't participate and communicate I am part of the problem.


                              Often times, I have just ignored the goings on in the lobby and just went ahead with my call outs. Sure, sometimes it doesn't matter and folks plow on or just don't communicate back, but more often than not I get folks who pick up on it and start to communicate and call out as well.


                              If all else fails, I will mute (ALWAYS if pumping music into the room or if they have a lot of background noise), but I feel like If I don't do it myself I am just part of the problem.

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                              The best way I have of dealing with the trashtalkers (especially the ones who are talking directly to me) is say, "I'm sorry what'd you say"  When they repeat it say, "Dude, I can barely hear you what?"  Then they repeat it...only louder.  Then I say, "Man you need to turn up your mic or something because I can't hear you".  Then they say something else...only now even louder.


                              Tell them you can't hear them a few times and you will literally have them yelling over their mic.   By then they've got at least 3 other people on them about shutting up so they forget all about me!  Then I mute them....


                              I get a lot of mouthing at me because apparently my GT is similar to a current YouTuber COD Hero.  I have had guys go on and on about me in the lobby thinking I'm the guy they worship on YouTube and get to hear how they are going to wipe the floor with me or just going googly over the fact I'm in their lobby.  Idiots...    

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                                I get a special amount of joy out of making trash talking clans rage quit

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                                  I don't talk junk because I walk funny....



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                                    it was funny I made a entire clan rage quit they first started making fun of my k.d  after they checked it saying i was  trash even though I was doing 13 kills to 14 deaths a game going negative by one  then the one game i went positive I camped which they insulted me for camping the third game went negative by one because i went behind them and started killing them the fourth or fifth game was just priceless it was on octane their entire clan besides one guy started camping  in the back with sniper rifles pulled out my gold knife and casket  class got 18 kills with my noob tube and semtex  after the game i said to them that they were all camping and one of them replied well you like using your noob  tube  a lot i said of course i am going to use it a lot if you guys camp with sniper rifles his entire clan rage quit it was just funny so walk the walk before talking the talk

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                                        The folks who always puzzle me the most are the ones who win the match, pretty handily, but still talk trash and accuse the other team of camping.


                                        Playing lone wolf, there have been several situations in which I would have a strong game but my team would play horridly. The rage I would get on killing the enemy sounds like WE are the ones winning by 30 kills. I've had clans that just destroyed my team of randoms quit because I played well against them. It's bizarre.

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                                            nicedrewishfela wrote:

                                            I've had clans that just destroyed my team of randoms quit because I played well against them. It's bizarre.

                                            Thats a common occurrence for me. Just last night a party of 3 or 4 on the other team beat me and my random team 3 times in a row. Each time I killed a couple of them, they would flip out on death chat. Finally, they just couldn't take the wins any more and left........


                                            I used to have an online friend who I'ld play with in zombies for hours and hours. A good guy. We played multi for a couple hours on the same team and I couldn't stand it any more. He would get 27 kills and die 3 times. Those 3 deaths were like the end of the world........I thought he was gonna cry.


                                            Its very odd how some people react to the competitiveness of CoD. Baffles me....

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                                              I too, am puzzled as to why clans rage quit when they are winning. I see this usually on Dom where they are just flipping over my team like burgers in the beginning. Once I find their strategy's flaw, I turn it against them, my team starts a comeback and they toss insults of all types at us each death and eventually leave.

                                              Example is a Warhawk Dom game versus a group of guys well acquainted with each other versus me and two kids who knew each other and two other randoms. Most of us had mics. The enemy team's plan was quite clear that they would all remain in the building near the tank overlooking B with a window and the entrance to upstairs would have guys watching A (or whatever other flag letter it is). We tried capping B, but would be mowed down by like 3 M27 IARs. So we tried uprooting them from the stairs entrance, didn't work too well. So then we had the 2 kids distract them while I used a class with Danger Close explosives, thermobarics, a Ripper with AP rounds, and Sitrep. We completely foiled them and I got my Ground Jammer and MAAWS to take out their streaks. They soon quit out.

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                                            It saddens me to see people who just spew trash at others over a video game, despite how satisfying it is to put them in their place with the power of smoke grenades paired with Tracker/Underbarrel Shotgun. I'm unfortunate that a con of my personality is that I internalize ANYTHING that my body subconsciously registers as conflict whether I witness it or I'm part of it, so my stomach feels odd when I'm the target of an insult by these idiots.


                                            I always wonder why people act so tough but are truly prissy at losing online. The kids who play hopefully have time to change, but I weep for the adults I sometimes see degrading others over a game. GROWN MEN, SERIOUSLY?!?! I haven't seen a grown woman degrade someone on this game, so......plus?