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    why people dont like quickscoping

      ok first i start this by saying there is nothing wrong with quckscoping you have to aim andshoot one bullet and if you mis yourt screwed so you have to hit every bullet instead of sparying wityh a machine gun so yea the only reson not to like quickscoping is cause you arent skil lenogh to do it

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          Re: why people dont like quickscoping

          Yeah, and you should stop spraying random letters all over the forums.

          The only reason not to like grammar is cause you are not skilled enough to use it.

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            Re: why people dont like quickscoping

            There is no skill in quick scoping, i have used a sniper in many games (hardscoper) and ofcourse been caught with my pants down. And i have been forced to be resourceful so i have used the one chance with a sniper up close before switching to my pistol.

            9/10 (when i played COD games) was more than succesful, there for my opinion is its cheap and overused, ofcourse with practise or constant use your going to become more efficient with that single shot.

            And thus yes your going to be a right royal pain in the backside, but hey lets not deviate from the plan that is, COD games were intended to be played as a team and no sniper in there right mind would quickscope (that in no way portrays what a sniper does).

            And ok so this is a game BUT its a game intended to be played as a team using tactics (IE) snipers scouts are meant to be off the rader not jumping around and running like loons one shotting everyone that in its self makes it a laughing stock, no to mention you claim it takes skill i see none and what i did hear about, ofcourse i see no one elses set up (refering to details of cotton strands center dots) for aiming without aiming makes it even cheaper.


            Thus the conclusion to my 2 cents worth is over all it takes nothing to quick scope....


            I am sorry but i do not agree in anyway that quickscoping is a skilled true to the core original game play, and should be abolished not helped.




            Please forgive my grammer spelling i dont pretend to be an english teacher or anything else, im on a forum stating my point of view, im niether here for spelling lectures or gramatical errors.


            Just sayin

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                Re: why people dont like quickscoping

                You say QS doesn't take skill, but what does? What weapons take skill to use?

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                    Re: why people dont like quickscoping

                    All weapons do the same thing "KILL" its not the skill with the individual weapon its the skill of the player using his brain to work with the team to play as a part of something bigger, not every man for himself with a sniper run & gun like a loon attitude.

                    Tell me where is the skill in that ?

                    What so you can jump around like tigger and kill with one shot, so what you could do the same with a pistol if you got a head shot, want to impress me play with pistols only that i would agree takes skill.

                    Not an overpowered rifle that you know fact will kill when hit near on anypart of the body

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                        Re: why people dont like quickscoping

                        So you're saying that snipers provide nothing the ( any ) team, that they play no role? Shotguns can kill with one-shot as well, is that considered overpowered? Not every sniper runs around and jumps like Tigger; snipers rifles can get hit markers you know. Sniper rifles in Ghost are well balanced as with most of the game, dont start with C4 Riot Shield or anything of that nature, nothing in Ghost is game breaking. If a sniper misses their close-quarter shot, they're most likely dead, and thats where the balance is.


                        I believe that the weapons in Ghost, or any COD have their own way to be handled, guns dont have skill, players do. Very experienced players can use any weapon and be proficient with it: I've seen people go HAM with the SVU and CBJ-MS.


                        You just hate snipers in general.

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                            Re: why people dont like quickscoping

                            Im sorry but your full of crap i love snipers infact it was ALWAYS one of my main classes and every sniper (excluding any nerfs since) as i no longer have the game was a one hit wonder. And your quickscoping does not take skill put it this way if you dont run around jump like tigger how do you avoid incoming at CQC, just stand there toe 2 toe and sponge the bullets.

                            And if your in such a place to where your not in the open its not quickscoping (because your not on the go) so what now you can just run upto people and one shot them ?

                            With out getting mowed down by what was or should be clearly outranking such as semi / fully auto guns meant for close quarters ?


                            That in its self makes it again a laughing stock and another reason why i dont even bother with COD anymore.


                            Also i have nothing elsse to say on the matter i have made my point disagree or not that is all.

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                            Re: why people dont like quickscoping

                            Cartoons & Comics Fierce animated GIF

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                          Re: why people dont like quickscoping

                          how is there n oskill for quickscoping yo uhav to aim and shoot so yea explan.

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                              Re: why people dont like quickscoping

                              Please enlighten me on how it takes skill any noob with a trigger finger can pick up a sniper and one shot someone, im 33 yrs old and have done it unintentionaly many times when i have been caught with my pants down before switching to pistol.

                              In which i have also primarily been what some refer to as an OG, in search and destroy clearing house many times.

                              And bagging us the win as last man standing against a full 6, while there are many people who are capable of this some might say that takes skill, others would disagree and say its easy .


                              None the less over powered rifles doing what they clearly were NOT intended for imo makes it a cheap shot and always will be.


                              Again i have now stated my point several times and if your going to refuse to aknowledge my pointers and ignore, i have nothing left to say on this issue.

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                              Re: why people dont like quickscoping

                              Never ever, ever, ever, add infintum ever, bring up a realism argument in COD. Suggesting that a person should NOT run around like a loon is almost laughable when you think about... everyone runs like a loon moving in the most ridiculous way with insane accuracy in these games. Not a single gun class is actually played the way it should be so that is a silly argument to put forth, no offense. Rushing full speed and jump shooting with pin point accuracy using an smg is about as daft as it gets.


                              COD (especially ghosts) does its best with weapon balance, it is not perfect, no one gun class is OP compared to others in all scenarios. What people get all wtf over is lag, luck, or simple bad timing ( not forgetting that the other player, shock horror, might be better than you)


                              As far as the skill argument - try this on LAN against good players. My results of these (numerous) experiments illustrate perfectly why you don't see pro's rushing around with a sniper in a tournament. You see them use it in certain scenarios but not the QS set-ups you see so often in pubs, simply because it is not effective or consistent enough against good players.

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                                  Re: why people dont like quickscoping

                                  I had no intention of replying to this topic again as stated before, but having just read through your post i had to say....


                                  Infant behaviour was not brought into play in anyway, i suppose you could say that debate is open to interpretation.

                                  None the less you blatently left out the fact i said jumping around like tigger and acting like a loon refering to the action used by pretty much every self acclaimed Pro quick scopers.


                                  (As in what else can  you do when going up against a gun built for CQC)


                                  So thus i NEVER said "you shouldnt run round like a loon" you clearly left out half of that paragraph with the intention of trying to make me sound or look like a moron, if you are a run and gun player well so be it, but going up against classes that should lituraly be wiping the floor in a scenario such as (sniper V PDW) im pretty sure PDW wins.


                                  Thus i said there is no skill or no more skill in quick scoping than any other class, when all thats really saving you from getting mowed instantly  is a light weight tigger bouncing class and the fact your doing some fast aim CQC BS that in no way depeicts how a sniper recon is depicted in the real world.

                                  Once again yes this is only a game and a game is meant to be played and enjoyed but is that not the point in the COD games to mimic real world war playing as a team utilizing what you have and play the game the way it was designed hence we have the different classes that depict real world weapons classes etc etc.


                                  That to me says if your a sniper = snipe, if your an AR well go pound some ground you get the idea, but where in the real world have we seen a 50cal used to blow some dudes head off from 2 foot away when the other dude has a quicker weapon and isnt just going to just stand there and take it ?


                                  Again yes this is a game and obviously i have no way to stop or control anyone from doing what ever they want but QS in my opinion as was stated when i first responded, is not a skill its a cheap exploitation of the game mechanics to gain the upper hand in a situation that should NEVER be a win for teh sniper under that situation.


                                  Meaning behind exploitation claim:


                                  Most snipers use a relitively powered rifle or did when i was playing these games, possibly a semi auto to lesson reload issue's, which was already a pretty light load in first place, then additional perks of lightweight & marathon pro to get maximum lightweight speed efficiency  thus being eligable to run and jump like tigger acting the fool to out manouver a gun that should woop them into next year ( I refer to MW2 perks) as i forget what Ghost named the perks.


                                  So as stated an exploitation of game mechs no matter how minor it imo still exists, hence its not skill its a fast trigger finger and the mech exploit which is why i feel its cheap and should be banned not encouraged.

                                  Having explained my opinion and in quite some detail ill say sayonara final responce period.

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                                      Re: why people dont like quickscoping

                                      I apologize if my humor offended, it was all meant in humor nothing personal. I just find it somewhat silly to suggest game exploits in reference to ghosts regarding QS as although it exists, it is mediocrity in terms of viability hence why we almost never see it in a professional arena and on LAN, in other words there are far cheaper things than qs. I would drop this argument if referencing earlier cods as it effectiveness and cheapness is more evident. I would also argue that there is no exploit at all, for the simple fact of point and shoot mechanics of all guns. Yes lifting a sniper rifle and QS in any sense of the word is never going to happen, it however is by no means impossible to do. Impractical, yes - impossible, no. I find it no less impracticable than seeing someone rushing like a maniac with pinpoint accuracy and insane speed, is it possible in real life? yes. Does it happen in real life? no. There are a lot of things that these games do that make no sense e.g i would argue that the uselessness of the hip fire of snipers in ghosts is borderline stupid, as a half blind drunk man could probably pull a trigger at point blank and drop the target, but in ghosts it is about 3/10.


                                      The only exploit i can really see is potential bullet magnetism. Remove that and QS still exists and people will still manage just fine.  QS only dies if they nerf the draw time of the weapon.


                                      In my personal opinion, in sole reference to ghosts, when it comes to QS, lag holds the illusion that QS is better than it actually is. On LAN i find it to be quite ineffective against a good team. Traditional sniping however is not. I personally don't see an exploit but what i do see is ping causing the silliness.

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                                          Re: why people dont like quickscoping

                                          I must admitt i mainly look at older cods in terms of quickscoping i do ofcourse play or have played COD Ghost, and i suppose since the title was "why dont people like QS" or similar i was pondering and looking back at past issue's, i do agree with the lag issue though that in itself is redonkulous.

                                          To note no offence taken

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                                    Re: why people dont like quickscoping

                                    People dont like QS because they feel like they got cheaply killed to where they would have the upper hand. QS takes skill, just like anything else. People always remember being QS because it is a negative memory to them, and negative memories have a strong impact on a person.

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                                      Re: why people dont like quickscoping

                                      I believe QSing is viewed in a negative light because of the idea of it. You take a weapon specialized for ranged combat, and ONLY ranged combat, and give players the ability to use it in a setting which they should clearly be at a disadvantage. Given that this issue has somewhat subsided since MW2 days, it still is viewed negatively because of the "melty" feel to it.

                                      Looking at it another way, it's similar to giving a shotgun user the ability to blast people from across the length of a large map with relative success. It just doesn't feel right.

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