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    is Quickscoping going to be removed/nerfed?

      i know probably many people have asked this but is this being removed/nerfed? I would love it to be removed or nerfed down to where only a few people would use it. In ghosts it wasn't to bad, mainly because 1. not many people played the game 2. you die

      faster so quickscopers can't get there shot off 3. i believe they did something to the auto aim? or was that a lie?

      I'm not really being unreasonable, quickscoping only really has a place inside a private match imo, its a broken game mechanic that usually abuses auto-aim and can beat any type of gun in any area on the map. So I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas of how to nerf quickscoping. I think they should just decrease the run speed by a lot and have it affect run speed with a secondary. I mean realistically a sniper would definitely not be running around across the map and shooting 4 people in 10 seconds without aiming properly (not saying cod is realistic). Thoughts?

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