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    Problem Xbox One Content Installation Stopped BUG

      I have been getting an error download on my Installation DLC and Season Pass.  I have been experiencing this issue since 3pm Central Standard Time and its still occurring to this day if anyone is having this Problem




      Please help get this fixed.


      I have Battlefield 4 and downloaded my Premium Season Pass with all the DLC including Dragon's Teeth coming out in 2 days and nothing happened there.


      Again if anyone is experiencing this issue We need this fixed my internet is fine my NAT is on OPEN other than that it's the DLC has a BUG

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          Re: Problem Xbox One Content Installation Stopped BUG

          In most cases, this happens if the connection setup is limited. All DLC downloads are directly from the 1st party's servers. (Xbox or PSN) I can see that you tagged Xbox One, so I presume this is for this console, right? If so, try the following steps:

          - Go to games and apps from your Xbox dashboard

          - Proceed to games

          - Highlight Ghosts then press the menu button from your controller

          - Choose Manage game and check for the conents.

          - Uninstall and reinstall the contents.

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