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    Nav-Card Issue

      I recently picked up the nav-card from Die Rise and now I have a problem. When I head over to TranZit, the black nav-card is not over there. I really want to have the black nav-card so I can do the easter egg but I am confused on how to get it. I checked the spot where it usually is and it's not there. I don't have an option to pick up the nav-card.

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          Re: Nav-Card Issue

          Does your Tranzit, Die Rise and/or Buried icons on the world globe have radio waves emitting from then? If so then you have been in a game where you or someone else has inserted the corrent cards into the reader and that stops the navcards showing up on the map until you do the end-game for either side and reset the EE.


          One you reset the EE's the navcards return to their locations and you can pick them back up again, but once inserted into a table they cannot be obtained again till another EE reset is performed.

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