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    Players for zombies? Check this out!

      Hey everyone

      Im sick of public games where people are noobs at the maps and know nothing about the easter eggs, and just do there own thing leaving me to try and complete the level. Zombies aint always that straight forward! Thats why im posting here!


      Any zombie rank, doesnt matter to me, but would be good if you had descent skills, for all our sakes!

      Mic would be great

      Be great if you had all the DLC's, and knew a little bit about the maps

      Preferably Australian, but not fussed


      Add the word 'Zombies' into the 'body' of the friend request


      Just today ive done heaps of research on origins, so looking for players who would be interested in getting far in that

      Enjoy long games and having a good laugh


      PSN: TBD-TheBlackDog


      Cheers, laters yall


      If you want any other info, just ask!