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    WANTED:ppl with real combat traing/exp.

      im in search of ppl with real military/swat type training for C.O.D. MW3 and GHOSTS.NO bunny hoppers or solo run an gunners plz.i myself am not military or the like,however i have had extensive training in military tactics through family/friends who happen to be MARINES,and NAVY SEALS.so i know what im talking about.we can discuss qualifications later.im in no way control freak,a team is a team,and all input is valueable.id just like ppl in my clan to think the same,i.e.a team is as only as good as its weakest individual.i strongly believe a well organized team can DOMINATE these games.if u feel the same way then contact me at the clan name,GET LOW HUSTLERS OR AT MY PS3 ONLINE I.D. FLAPJACKDADDIO for an invite, also,friends wanted for other games as well which i wont mention here.thaks for ur consideration.GLH(GET LOW HUSETLER