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    What do you think they should do for their next Call of Duty installment?

      Okay, so these are my ideas for Treyarch's next CoD game:

      DESCRIPTION: Black ops 2 was the first 'futuristic' CoD game. Ever since then, all CoD's have been futuristic, set in like 2025 or something like that. I think the next CoD should be different.

      CAMPAIGN: Have the game set in modern time, say with 2014-2015 gear and weapons. Ya have some futuristic parts here and there but not the entire game. It would be cool to set the game AFTER Black ops 1 but BEFORE Black ops 2. Maybe flashbacks to Black ops 1 and visions of the future (Black ops 2).

      MULTIPLAYER: Actually make the multiplayer different. Bigger maps, less barriers, different weather conditions (sandstorms, blizzards, storms, ext.), but not like battlefield. Same gameplay and everything. Cops and Robbers mode, Michael Myers mode, fan made game modes like that.

      ZOMBIES: This is my favorite topic. I loved zombies in every game from WaW up to Bo2. Bring back the classic maps from WaW and Bo1, including dlc maps such as Moon, Call of the Dead, ones like that. (Sorry if misspelled) Shino numa, Nacht der untoten, Der Riese, and the originals from Bo1. I would really love to see these maps make an appearance in the upcoming game.

      So guys thanks for listening to my opinion and ideas! And please let me know what you think of mine and give me what you think!! Peace!


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