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    Statistics from my clan

      Hello I would like to let the statistics from my clan to show our clan homepage or the statistics from me or from others clan members?

      Is that possible?

      if so what is the code for the homepage

      thanks for your help




      I mean no link but for example get k / d from clan ... as it makes the app just for the homepage


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          Re: Statistics from my clan

          Once you download the CoD app, and search out your clan name, all your clan's statistics would show up including your clan member's as well if other players search out your clan's name. And since you mentioned, homepage, I presume you are referring to a website, to give a heads up, there are no options from a link to check for clan's statistics on Ghosts.

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            Re: Statistics from my clan

            To add up to Joker-Faced guy. Login to the app and select 'My Clan' form the option button(Located at the bottom left of the app) then your clan stats will be shown. Same drill for your clan members. Hope this helps.

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