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    Ghosts crashes loading up games?

      Been going on for awhile now. When ever I load up Ghosts on my PS3 disc copy, it'll load and all, but when I get into a game and it starts to load the map, the game crashes usually around when it's loading the last top 4 triangles. I spent awhile on Customer Support (Which I will admit was a very smooth and cooperative process, love the support!) and they basically told me that it was a DLC error and I had to delete the Game Save Data. I did that and redownloaded all of my DLC. STILL happened. I repeated the process multiple times of deleting Game Save Data and redownloading the DLC (Hours and hours of downloading) and it didn't work. I even tried not redownloading the DLC and it still freezes. I am a hardened addition holder and I paid 120$ for the game and I can't play the DLC let alone play the game at all? Help please.

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