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    =KkS= GAMING

      I feel bad for my females friends playing Ghost because there are so few skins for them to choose from.

      And the ones that are there are ehhhh, not exciting at all.  All the new skins being added are ALL Male skins.  So what's up Call of Duty?

      I've played so many other games were there are plenty of female skins.

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          Not sure what you want for female skins.

          There are the same number of head options for males and females.


          During the cycle of BO2 there were a couple of discussions on having female avatars in cod. Why,,,, because there was none.

          We now have the ability to use both male and female avatars. Plus, the level of customization is far greater than any previous cods.


          Need to remember in Cod --> you barely get to look at yourself. There is no third person viewpoint in Ghosts. You can only see yourself if you are on the receiving end of a killcam.  Or, someone has put a video package together.


          If you could be more specific to what you are proposing as extra skins, that will help me to understand from what viewpoint you are coming from.

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            The extinction pack contains female skins..

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              If you mean the Price, Soap, ect, skins, COD hasnt had full fledged female soldiers ( minus the brief MW nuke moment ) until now. Though I see what you mean, the skins would have to be new and not from previous CODs because there nothing from the other CODs.

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                I don't care about what there is available for girl skins (I was very hesitant for checking this out because of that title).  I do wish I could get a female in a ghillie suit.