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    PATCH URGENTLY: Freefall Spawnpoint Glitch


      If anyone remembers the Terminal spawntrap glitch from MW2/3 then they'll know what I'm talking about.


      Now, the wallbanging and exploiting of the spawns on Freefall is here. I've ran into six man parties with LMG's all week just spraying into a certain spawnpoint. It happens on BOTH sides of C flag. Now, I know this is bannable because a friend of mine did this two years ago in MW3 on Terminal and every single person on our team got deranked thanks to it, including myself sadly.


      If you do not know what I am talking about, please click the link to the Instagram post I uploaded and watch the video. At one stage one of the players had 64 kills by 100 points and I know that 10 KEM Strikes were in the game. The ringleader also said in an argument with me via PSN messages that spawnkilling took skill by making sure the spawns didn't flip and that if the spawns did flip, one of their members would go back to A flag and kill the person capturing it just to make sure they could keep my teammates trapped in C.


      I stayed and recorded 10 minutes of footage showing what they did. At the end of the game I went offline and uploaded 15 seconds of footage that is in the link below.




      I know this is a bannable offence, but it'd be better if something were to fix this so it couldn't happen in the first place. It's just disgusting and a sad/cheap way for tryhards to get double, triple and quad KEM strikes in one game.