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    PATCH URGENTLY: Freefall Spawnpoint Glitch

      If anyone remembers the Terminal spawntrap glitch from MW2/3 then they'll know what I'm talking about.


      Now, the wallbanging and exploiting of the spawns on Freefall is here. I've ran into six man parties with LMG's all week just spraying into a certain spawnpoint. It happens on BOTH sides of C flag. Now, I know this is bannable because a friend of mine did this two years ago in MW3 on Terminal and every single person on our team got deranked thanks to it, including myself sadly.


      If you do not know what I am talking about, please click the link to the Instagram post I uploaded and watch the video. At one stage one of the players had 64 kills by 100 points and I know that 10 KEM Strikes were in the game. The ringleader also said in an argument with me via PSN messages that spawnkilling took skill by making sure the spawns didn't flip and that if the spawns did flip, one of their members would go back to A flag and kill the person capturing it just to make sure they could keep my teammates trapped in C.


      I stayed and recorded 10 minutes of footage showing what they did. At the end of the game I went offline and uploaded 15 seconds of footage that is in the link below.




      I know this is a bannable offence, but it'd be better if something were to fix this so it couldn't happen in the first place. It's just disgusting and a sad/cheap way for tryhards to get double, triple and quad KEM strikes in one game.

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          Re: PATCH URGENTLY: Freefall Spawnpoint Glitch

          I usually tell my team to leave and then I follow them. They can't spawn kill if there's no one to kill.

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            Re: PATCH URGENTLY: Freefall Spawnpoint Glitch

            yeah they need to make like a 3 second cant get hurt buffer or something cause the spawn trapping in this game is rediculous . . . and no spawn trapping really takes no skill. i have a video online from awhile back to show how easy it is on warhawk. check it out.




            see its really that easy. and if you really need to do that just to get your K/d up you cant say you have skill. now keep inmind in that vid they using a marksmans rifle so technically they are sniping but think about all the LMG people that do this. but meh . . . IW nor Activision are ever going to do anything about the issues their game has. they are just going to distroy the CoD franchise and take it to the bank with crappy spawns and even crappier DLC. i mean flippin pot leaf camo? come come now. that is proof that IW and Activision both say its ok for kids (the esrb rating for this game is like 14 years old) to use and flaunt marijuana issues. but if you want a laugh check this out:




            now that being said the only reason i still play this game is just to keep my skills at a decent level and stay practiced for the next CoD. and honestly if Advanced warfare sucks as badly as ghost i will never play another CoD. as it sits right now i am playing more last of us then ghosts.

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              Re: PATCH URGENTLY: Freefall Spawnpoint Glitch

              It doesn't take skill to spawn trap, all you need is a 6 man party to capture two flags, then go to a spot and camp there. Take those players and break up their party, then see how they do with a bunch of randoms in TDM where its next to impossible to spawn trap like you can in Dom and Blitz.

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                Re: PATCH URGENTLY: Freefall Spawnpoint Glitch

                The only 2 ways I can think of to fix the spawn camping is 1: Make bigger maps. So big it takes a min to get to the action.

                2: And this is tied in with one also, make spawning selectable. Meaning make it where we select where we want to spawn. Otherwise it won't be fixed. The maps keep getting smaller and smaller and less and less of big maps like Hazzard and Derail.

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                  Re: PATCH URGENTLY: Freefall Spawnpoint Glitch

                  Guess best thing is just to pull out and hopefully someone is host and it will end their game! Yeah I don't know why IW don't fix, you should never be able to spawn in someone's line of sight but on Freefall often do at back of maps.

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