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    what are your stats?

      Post your zombie stats along with your rank! also post what kd you personally got your  current rank


      My Stats


      bullets fired-2,571,922



      greaned kills-27727




      perks drank-7130

      doors opened-5362


      miles traveled-5580


      Most played map- Die Rise


      Current rank-knife-

      reached this rank at 100kd

      Current kd-193

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          Re: what are your stats?

          I finally got Shotguns tonight... Thought it would never happen...


          Career Stats

          Kills               - 289101

          Shots fired    - 1380980

          Downs          - 1560     K/D 185.32

          Revives        - 1497

          Grenades     - 21532

          Headshots    - 153864

          Deaths          - 856     K/D 337.37

          Gibs              - 342099

          Perks            - 3025

          Doors            - 3041

          Accuracy       - 1.29

          Miles             - 3836

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            Re: what are your stats?

            you almost have a million kills and still don't have shotguns

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              Re: what are your stats?

              Here are my stats from career and co-op


                                       Career                 |     Co-op

              Kills                  1521485                    1389551

              Downs                   6256                          4152

              Revives                  8682                          5433

              Grenade kills        95602                        96395

              Headshots          352368                      315380

              Deaths                   2139                         1582

              Gibs                  1384661                   1247226

              Perks drank           13147                      11328

              Doors                      6484                       6009

              Bullets fired        4523159                  3556027

              Accuracy                1.43                         1.62

              Miles Travelled      14396                      12282


              Kill/Down ratio =  243.2 for career stats and 334.6 for co-op

              Kill/Death ratio = 711.3 for career stats and 878.3 for co-op



              I play all the maps a lot but the game says that I have played Origins the most, I got my shotguns with a 170 Kill/Down Ratio playing Tranzit before the first DLC came out, I cannot remember how many kills I had at the time.

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                Re: what are your stats?

                i can add this, went i received the skull/dagger i crossed the 76 kill to down ratio.

                i started playing on my son's console, he was somewhere around 40 something k/d.

                when he received the skull/dagger i checked his stats and sure enough, he had a 76 k/d.

                i still believe it is based on all your displayed stats and there ratio relation to each other.

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                  Re: what are your stats?

                  I have made a new account today so I can get every achievement for all  the games I currently own. I will be playing zombies on my new account too so I will post my stats on here when I rank up.

                  I played a few games on Buried and Die Rise and so far I could only rank up once to crossbones.

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                      Re: what are your stats?

                      So far on my new account I have ranked up once per day since I made it, I currently have the dagger.


                      Stats for this account are:


                      Kills - 20549

                      Downs - 25

                      Deaths - 13

                      Revives - 83

                      Grenade kills - 180

                      Head shots - 5884

                      Gibs - 25971

                      Bullets fired - 39074

                      Accuracy 1.76

                      Perks drank - 110

                      Doors opened - 99

                      Miles travelled - 110


                      Kill/Down = 821.9

                      Kill/Death = 1580.6


                      My K/D on this account has been above 800 every time I ranked up, after a few silly downs it is actually lower than what it was when I ranked up to the skull from crossbones.

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                          Re: what are your stats?

                          thats a nice kd you got there. i have a kd of 212 and still no guns... :/

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                              Re: what are your stats?

                              How often would you say that you get into a public match with randoms where somebody leaves early? Do you leave the game too as it would no longer save to the leaderboards? If this happens to you quite often then this would probably be the reason that you have not ranked up yet, it wouldn't be your fault but it would still  lower your average round, Im pretty sure this is the reason why a lot of good players don't rank up.

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                                  Re: what are your stats?

                                  i used to. but now i tend to stay. when the game first started i used to get perma jug before every game i played so it not only resulted in many downs but alot of round1 quits in solo. :/

                                  i have conquered the downs, yet the average rounds i have no idea

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                            Re: what are your stats?

                            My stats are probably horrible xD always get bad lobbies xD

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                              Re: what are your stats?

                              Career Stats

                              Kills: 201,081

                              Bullets Fired: 2,007,214

                              Downs: 2,845 K/D 70.67

                              Revives: 1,262

                              Grenade Kills: 3,688

                              HeadShots: 44,820

                              Deahts: 1,445 K/D 139.15

                              Gibs: 215,553

                              Perks: 1,318

                              Doors: 1,703

                              Hits: 9,664,199

                              Traveled miles: 1,877

                              Current rank, Blue eyed Wooden Shield no cross bones.

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