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    Why I think the next Treyarch CoD will be a world war 2

      Many people have been saying that they should make a Black ops 3, many others say it should be a World War 2. Here's what I think.

      1. Black ops should not be a continuation. They allowed you to choose endings in Black ops 2 and no matter what, the main bad guy dies.

      2. They would be disappointing a huge variety of CoD fans. It just doesn't seem right to make a Black ops 3.

      3. Every CoD game since Black ops 2 (Ghosts and Advanced Warfare) have been set in the future. Ya that's cool but change it up a little bit.

      4. in my opinion, I'm tired of the jet packs, giant robot tiger drones, and flying shopping malls.

      i Just think they should change it up. Let me know what you think below. Thanks. Peace!