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    Nerfing Overdone

      First of all, this goes for almost every CoD since CoD4. There is always a group of people that get killed consistantly with a certain gun and it drives them nuts, so they ***** about how "this gun needs to be nerfed" and I'm frankly just getting tired of it all. I've been playing CoD since MW2, and almost every game i have played there is just constant moaning in the forums, and in lobbies over gun complaints. It has gotten ridiculous. Yes, some guns can be a little bit better than the rest, but maybe... you can try to find gun/attachtment combinations that work well for you. It can be your own overpowered weapons. Because with the way it's going, with all of these nerfs, eventually we will just be running around with guns that shoot marshmallows and there will only knifing, but people will eventually get mad about how overpowered that is, and everyone will be running around and CoD will turn into a pillowfight... What really angers me is the EXCESSIVE nerfing on snipers. People get so mad when they are one-shot killed so they moan about snipers. The snipers in Ghosts are basically now useless. They have been debuffed beyond comprehension. If anything, leave snipers alone. They put themselves at a disadvantage and its unfair to them when the developers nerf the hell out of the one class of weapons a LARGE group of people use. Why not just up the stats on other guns? It's getting dumb. and now i see people getting upset and wanting nerfs on concussions and 9-bangs... Awh...

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          Totally agree with you! Everything except for the snipers are useless. There not useless there balanced exactly the way it should be. I don't see twelve year olds jumping out of windows doing back flips one shot killing me anymore. ghosts is a little more realistic which I like.

          but I agree with everything else you said it's about time to leave the weapons exactly the way they are. Even the 9bangs and i.m.s. Lol,

          i was worried about the last nerf on the vector. But it hasn't done anything. Still running like a mad man with vector. Love that weapon. No it dosent need nerfing again.

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            2. Re: Nerfing Overdone

            It happens every year, normally by the time the next COD installment rools out we are left with super soakers and bubble guns

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              See for me, i use to run around with a USR, and now even on stonehaven, i shoot someone in the chest on the other side of the map and its a hitmarker. They tore down the damage on them from all of the complaints. If they want to hinder quickscoping, ruin the weapons mobility and develop some sort of lock on the gun where it wont kill targets within like 20 feet.

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                4. Re: Nerfing Overdone

                lol except black ops 1, they were like that from the start. You get shot on there youre like oh that tickles for a few seconds then they finally kill you.

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                  5. Re: Nerfing Overdone

                  i agree. its ridiculous the amount of "nerfing" and "buffing" people ask for.  I made posts and comments when ghosts first released about this and to please stop asking for it, it ruins the game and makes it very inconsistent.  If you ask me, if they "nerf" or "buff" a lot of things, then that means they didnt have it right from the beginning and thats a huge failure.  Just let the game makers make their game!!! If you dont like a gun cause its too weak, in your opinion, then dont use it!!!!  This whole asking for this to be nerfed and this to be buffed has got out of hand!.

                        This last update really changed things in the game, and were 9 months into the game! Why would you change something so drastic after 9 months????  The game was fun and fine from the beginning.  All theses people who couldnt hang in ghosts  complained about the ttk.  Now they want to turn it into bo2, were all your doing is reloading your gun cause it takes so many bullets to kill someone!  and i dont mean cause your missing them, i mean cause thats how they want it. they want it where you have to get like 10 hit markers to kill someone, that is not fun!!! People will say just use extended clip or fast reload, thats not what im talking about. even with those two things , your still just reloading, reloading, reloading when you make ttk higher.

                        i like how everyone uses the honey badger, cause its so op, and you never hear them complain about that gun. why dont they complain?, cause thats the gun they use, and they cant stand being killed by anything else, so when they do, they complain and say to "nerf" it. hahahaha and you dont think that about the honey badger?, come on!!!!

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                    6. Re: Nerfing Overdone

                    The amount of weapon nerfs in Black Ops 2 was absolutely insane. They took every good weapon and destroyed them to the point where the vast majority of weapons were incredibly inconsistent, or just plain boring to use. I don't think it has been nearly as bad in Ghosts, in large part I agree with the changes they made to the weapons. I like that the snipers are weak in this game, I can't stand when some kid randomly will pull aim shoot in a panic and kill me in a situation where I clearly had the advantage.

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                      7. Re: Nerfing Overdone

                      The snipers are never where they're supposed to be. They need to be completely unusable at close range, but it is still incredibly easy to quickscope. They nerfed them too much on long range, they should be easy kills at a long range; but they really need to tear down the mobility and increase the aim time so people don't one shot you at close range when you use an SMG>


                      The mtar has been nerfed but it's still incredibly overpowered. Some nerfs are needed; but never show up.

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                        8. Re: Nerfing Overdone

                        I don't know how they (sniper) can be made unusable at close range? It would completely warp the realism factor conversely i.e at very close ranges a drunken fool could hold a sniper from the hip and hit the target quite easily. Decrease the mobility is my thinking as well and remove all bullet magnetism too.

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                          9. Re: Nerfing Overdone

                          Hip Firing with a sniper irl would destroy your shoulder.

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