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    Astro a50 question


      Hey im not sure if im allowed to post this as it has somewhat to do with ghosts but not all to do with ghosts so im just gonna go ahead. I recently got my astro a 50 and like a little kid during christmas i ripped the box apart, updated it and when i was going to plug it in to the xbox one stereo headset adapter it didn't fit..... The cable didn't fit into the plug. wtf astro So now im searching online for a 3.5 mm to 2.5 mm headset adapter but the ones i find on amazon, i'm not sure cause one person in the reviews says one thing and someone else says another. Im just new to the headset area of gaming, since this is my first headset. Can anyone possibly link me to a 2.5mm to 3.5 mm? preferably on amazon

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          That is the link you are looking for.



          This is what I am using for the Xbox One.


          Headsets I have tried on the Xbox One...


          I purchased the Microsoft stereo headset for $60 at Gamestop. It was defective. Had to replace it 3 times. Had noises on the home screen and during any audio or video. It sucked. It is now $80. Returned for full refund.

          I purchased thet he Turtle Beach X0 headset at Walmart for $100. It was VERY uncomfortable wearing them. Hurts your head and ears. Too tight. They had the same static popping noises that the Offical Microsoft headset has. I returned them for a full refund. I could not stand to wear them for longer than 30 minutes at a time. Not worth the money.

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              Dude i bought the xo4 also. I gotta tell you. Those headphones are ass. They start to hurt my head in weird places 20 minutes in. Too tight and uncomfortable and the sound is apple ear pod quality. Im not sure about the link for the adapter you sent me. Are you sure it wont affect the sound. Some reviews said it did and didn't work with headsets with a mic.

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              thats weird my xbox chat adapter came with a 2.5 mm to 3.5mm pigtail. my astros plug right in. best bet would be go grab another plug and see if it has a pigtail.