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    The Official Unofficial Destiny Thread

      I tried making threads on the offical Bungie forum but that forum is hot right now that it's tough getting anything to linger long enough to garner attention. Since there's a good bit of you guys here that play Destiny I'd like to start a thread about it so I can actually talk about the game. Feel free to share this and get the word around. I really want to talk about this game.

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          1. Re: The Official Unofficial Destiny Thread

          I've been watching some Beta gameplay and following it a bit.. but it just doesn't do much for me. Curious to hear what others are thinking after playing... maybe someone can sell me on it.

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            2. Re: The Official Unofficial Destiny Thread

            Here's a great example of how the game goes. If Star Wars and Halo had a child it would be Destiny. The game functions great, is beautiful, immersive, lots of different options and gamemodes, and endless possibilities. And that's only the BETA.

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              3. Re: The Official Unofficial Destiny Thread

              I am avoiding the hype for Destiny at the moment. I've been disappointed in the past with new FPS franchises as the numbers playing the game and the hype for the game dies off considerably quickly.


              The concern I have for Destiny is the longevity of the game and if it won't become like Titanfall where the game is built up on hype but the delivery and content was lacking. This isn't to say that a game like Titanfall is bad (I enjoyed it for the first month or so) but it lacked longevity and didn't think buying the DLC content was worthwhile due to the lack of numbers playing the game.


              I guess that once I have access to the beta, it'll give me an idea on whether I'll purchase Destiny on launch. If for some reason Advanced Warfare isn't my cup of tea, I am looking for a game to replace my FPS needs like how Battlefield 4 (despite it's issues) seems to have given me a reason to use my XBOX One after my own disappointment with COD Ghosts.


              Hopefully I'll contribute more to this discussion once I have access to the Destiny beta.


              As a new FPS franchise, do you think Destiny will provide longevity?

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                4. Re: The Official Unofficial Destiny Thread

                The Devs plan to support the game with expansions and other titles for up to 10 years. From what I know the BETA only takes you through Old Russia but there are other areas on Earth to visit as well as Mars, Venus, and the Moon.

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                  5. Re: The Official Unofficial Destiny Thread

                  I'll come back on the 23rd.

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                    6. Re: The Official Unofficial Destiny Thread

                    I feel bad for you guys, but your time will come. A lot of rumors are going around that the BETA will be extended. It's a lot of fun and even after you reach your limit there's small tasks for your to complete in Free Roam.

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                      7. Re: The Official Unofficial Destiny Thread

                      I haven't followed Destiny's progress as closely as I should have; so I might have terribly misunderstood how it works.  From the disjointed bits I've heard, the Destiny world is completely 'organic'.  That is, everything is driven by the actions of the players online, and this includes the campaign - so I’ve heard.  So instead of going to a menu and selecting 'campaign' which starts up your own local instance of the world in which you play, you take your character into the online global world, and you travel to an area where there is a story going on - so I've heard.  To me, this implies multiple campaigns, or, at the very least, an unrecognisably different experience each time you join the campaign.  Please correct me if this is incorrect.


                      It's an excellent idea on Bungee's part.  I won't be partaking of it. 


                      XBox live has taught me that I need to minimise the amount of time I play with online gamers.  Bringing them into my campaign would be a monumental leap in the wrong direction.

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                        8. Re: The Official Unofficial Destiny Thread

                        I am loving the PvE, but PvP may be unbalanced a tad since it is gear based.  One guy I blast fairly normal, while I have to unload more on others.  Maybe there is something I am missing, since I just played a few games.

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                          9. Re: The Official Unofficial Destiny Thread

                          The BETA takes you through an area called Old Russia. Here you start out very linearly so that you can obtain a primary, secondary, and heavy weapon. Then you obtain your mount (think Star Wars' Freeco Bike) called a Sparrow. From there you get to pick where you go. When you enter a mission area that part of the story starts. You're always free to roam around and explore. Enemy spawns are infinite. There's also Random Public Events where a massive, impossible to beat solo, mission starts that requires the help from every that's playing in your area. These can be very, very difficult.


                          There's also Strike Missions which are also very difficult to beat and can take upwards of an hour to complete. There's a lot to do in the BETA and for it being the BETA I'm incredibly impressed. There's been a few hiccups but overall it's the most fun I've had on the PS4.

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