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    Problems with Campers and the Community in every Call of Duty from MW2-Ghost

      The Problem with Call of Duty from the Community and in the game is that they complain about how they are better then anyone or everyone in the whole game, and not other then that they think it that way they also ruin the game by running the game by Camping corners or they try to run spawn point and try to stack High kill streaks by camping corners near spawn point. They also try to think that their better than anyone or everyone in the whole game.


      This needs to be well not fixed but the Point system for anyone who temps to spawn camps to be lowered from 150 or 100points down to 45points for Spawn killing an enemy. It will totally work out if you people just listen rather than complaining about oh how this gun sucks or this gun needs to be reduced cause it's too over powered.  Nobody cares about the guns anymore their mostly into the SPAWN POINTS and how they keep getting SPAWN CAMPED multiple time and 1 more thing I forgot do something about adding in AI-Bots to the veteran Difficult so when People leave the AI-BOTS can keep the game going this eliminates camping and game slow downs.


      The Call of Duty Community is to high on Camping, Spawn Camping, and Crying about Guns being too High.

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          Re: Problems with Campers and the Community in every Call of Duty from MW2-Ghost

          Ok so your issue is spawn camping ,,doesn't  spawn camping happen when one team doesn't ptfo and tried to camp near their own spawn allowing the other team to move forward and take over the map? As an objective player i see this happen when most of the team doesn't ptfo and keeps the spawn in a limited area allowing the other team the upper hand. I have no issues with camping so long as it is in line with the game mode. But on Dom you don't need 5 defending one flag that will get you spawn trapped most times. I don't buy the camping argument every time I hear that I just say meh . You would be better at stating ptfo.  I am a self admitted camper, I will camp, I will run and gun and I will camp kill move depending on what I need to do to try and win the game. All styles are legitimate ,camping is a crutch excuse so many people use as why they lost it just gets tired. If I am defending a flag or an area if that is my role for that game and someone comes the same way 10 times why should I move , if I try to defend a flag from a spot and I get owned it is up to me to figure out a better way to defend. If the other team has both flags I expect them to be camping and defending , I adjust and check those common areas prior to trying to cap the flag..

          So again I will say your complaint would be better suited to ptfo because sometimes camping is part of the objective and their score should not suffer for it.

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            Re: Problems with Campers and the Community in every Call of Duty from MW2-Ghost

            These have always been issues. But will agree the complaining exploded during MW2 and has been a constant since. The main reason being the community basically doubled.


            Camping may be annoying for a rusher, but is a legit tactic. Even if it is because some players are scared to move and just watch a door way.


            Spawn trapping that leads to spawn killing only happens in modes that have a static respawn system and usually when a bunch of randoms play against organized parties.


            Nerfing and buffing guns is an abused idea by players that simply understand that multiplayer can be altered by updates and hot fixes. Patching wasn't as common in the past and was more of a way to fix exploits instead of balancing equipment.


            Feedback is a good thing and its also good the devs can fine tune perks and guns. But I do agree its annoying since lots of feedback is only designed to the complainers needs without seeing the big picture. And devs need to make sure the changes keep to their original vision and not cave in to unwarranted demands.

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                Re: Problems with Campers and the Community in every Call of Duty from MW2-Ghost

                Well said but one thing I want to clarify.

                From my perspective camping is a legit tactic but can and is overused by the Ghosts community.

                The same as overusing Thermal or Target Finder - it's legit but if everyone does it the game suffers.

                IMO when people complain about campers it's not always "I rush and don't like campers" or "f&ck I was one off my KEM" but more that the game slows waay down, players are stifled having to be so damn careful and the "fun" factor diminishes.


                You can still camp spawn locations with a good team - not just static ones like BO2 Demolition.

                Ever been in a Ghosts game where you spawn 4 times and there was someone from the other team camped out scoping that exact spot ? It happens but admittedly nowhere near as much as fixed spawns.

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                    Re: Problems with Campers and the Community in every Call of Duty from MW2-Ghost

                    I respect your opinion but, I don't agree with "the game suffers" statement too much. Lots of players like non-stop action and thats what they consider "fun", I get that. But It doesn't bother me at all when the timer expires before the score limit. I still get pissed by players that might be "camping" or using "thermals", but my anger is what's causing the suffering, not so much the camper or thermal.


                    As an almost exclusive tdm player, my view on re-spawning may be a little skewed than others. When I get spawn killed its usually random or revenged. Trust me, I lose my sh!t when it happens 4 times in a row, but it doesn't happen too often. Non the less its nothing compared to being spawn trapped on Hijack or Nuketown playing demolition like you touched on with fixed spawns. My past experience with traps and spawn killing has made me very bias to which modes I play.


                    I'll admit I most likely don't speak for the majority when it comes to Ghosts. I embrace maps designed like Siege and am glad the game comes to a crawl at times. I understand this drives players that believe "CoD" should be more fast paced crazy. The thing is "CoD" becomes redefined with every title that comes out.

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                        Re: Problems with Campers and the Community in every Call of Duty from MW2-Ghost

                        Yeah I suppose it comes down to how we go about our game and what we define as fun and suffering.

                        My definition of suffering also encompasses what you described above - cause and effect.

                        If a team is running LMG Thermals and IED's camping their ass off in Dom (especially not ptfo) then the game truly suffers for anyone else in it.


                        I don't mind some games in TDM when the timer expires but when I have seen games finishing on 27-23 then I think it has gone too far.

                        It is all about getting the first few kills then hiding so the enemy cannot kill you - to me that is weak and pathetic, no spirit of competition at all.

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                    Re: Problems with Campers and the Community in every Call of Duty from MW2-Ghost

                    IMO, most people's perspective of camping is overly exaggerated. 9 times out of 10 if i am ever called out as a camper i literally just got to the spot because i saw you coming so i positioned myself in a way to shoot you before you shoot me, then i leave. then they yell OMG POS CAMPER!! ok well, yeah i sat there for 3-5 seconds because i knew your retarded a$$ was coming full speed. i hate hate HATE when people relate camping to noob tactics, when yeah, it is a legit tactic that gets you kills and helps you survive.


                    now camping an area by moving constantly but only in the proximity of LOS where the enemy keeps coming from... yeah it's smart, but that's what i call camping. anyone can sit in a corner and not move and get kills, but they die no matter what from someone somewhere. spawn camping is legit too because it actually takes skill to stay alive and at the same time keep the enemies spawning in the same general area. so when it comes to people saying they hate campers, i usually disregard because they have literally no idea what they're talking about and all of their claims are based upon assumptions.

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                        Re: Problems with Campers and the Community in every Call of Duty from MW2-Ghost

                        I know what you mean, I get a couple of kills then take cover to reload and another enemy will run passed me and I get an easy kill - then the abuse starts. F****** camper, noob (20 days played but still a noob!!) - all that despite I kill all over the map. I guess it can't be a players fault they suck it's gotta be camping  players who play dirty.


                        According to Wikipedia:

                        In video gaming, camping is a tactic where a player obtains a static strategic position of advantage.


                        Isn't this the definition of sniping as well? If you're playing TDM surely this would be the best tactic to win....It's still below the belt though but it's using cover to your advantage. I still hate cheap corner dwelling c****!!!!

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                        Re: Problems with Campers and the Community in every Call of Duty from MW2-Ghost

                        My biggest problem with campers is the fact that if anyone gets killed, they think a camper did it. I was on Fog at the start of the match, sprinted past the camp site to the back of the big house, saw a teammate get shot, saw where the bullet came from, and was ready to shoot the guy who killed him. 20 -30 seconds into the game, and this clown started crying about "campers".

                        The real problem is people who can't have fun in a game, and if they are not the one getting the kill have to believe that someone is cheating, camping  or glitching.

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                            Re: Problems with Campers and the Community in every Call of Duty from MW2-Ghost

                            Players complain about camping because they're right most of the time. There may be a few times that it's not camping. Just sit back and watch some live feeds and you'll see it often. This game is made for campers. Players will play the style that's most successful that the game allows. In ghosts, that's clearly camping. I tried adapting to a camping style and my kills did go down, but my deaths went WAY down and my k/d went up. Not much fun in my opinion, but quite successful.

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                                Re: Problems with Campers and the Community in every Call of Duty from MW2-Ghost

                                If I am sniping on Stonehaven I come close to camping - I will post up, get a kill or two, and then move. I will sit in a corner to reload, and I never run with explosives. My streaks are all support, so I don't cover paths with sentries or such. I guess it all comes down to definition. If you believe that anything other than run and gun flat out rushing is camping, well, in your mind you are right. But to my example - how is coming into the back of the other teams spawn in the first few seconds of the game camping?


                                On a related rant, I see the same type thing when it comes to guns. No matter what you pick, the guy you just killed will call you out for using it - things like - "you noob, a (INSERT any gun here)?  Really?"

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                              Re: Problems with Campers and the Community in every Call of Duty from MW2-Ghost

                              Allow me to offer some helpful tips to dealing with COD frustrations:


                              1. You are going to die.  Regardless of what was used to kill you or if the guy was moving or not, you aren't going to like dying.  But it's going to happen anyway.  Don't waste your time focusing on those things and spend your time figuring out how to avoid dying and still have fun playing.


                              2.  90% of all campers and rushers are not good at what they do.  They put very little thought into their approach to the game.  So even a modest amount of effort will allow you to outsmart them.  Use your brain to develop class setups specifically designed to handle whatever your enemy is doing.  You will need to tweak these setups as tactics evolve but this and this alone is what is needed to turn a very frustrating experience into one of total domination.  If your opposing team wants to all huddle up in a room, a class designed to maximize lethal usage will net you several double and triples.  They will either get tired of getting blown up without even firing a shot and run around (which they likely will suck at) or they will hand you one of the easiest wins that you have ever seen.


                              3.  Sometimes the best tactic to use is to not engage directly or sometimes at all.  If you can't find a way to kill someone then don't go to his part of the map.  It's a big map.  Work the other areas.  As a side note here, the maps have windows, holes in walls, etc.  Just because there is a doorway to a room doesn't mean that your best move is to run through it.  Consider the situation and use the other options available to rack up your kills while staying out of the enemies line of sight (lethals can be quite handy).


                              4.  PTFO but exercise some sense when you do it.  For instance, running straight to the B flag without any regard for flank routes and power positions is foolhardy.  Learn to secure the area and then take the flag.  Doing this will not only net you more success in getting the flag without dying but also set your team up well to hold it.  Too often players get so focused on the objective that they die 4 and 5 times just to get one flag cap.  That isn't going to do anything but create more frustration for yourself.


                              5.  Learn weapons that you just plain suck with.  This will create some frustrations for you if you are stat oriented.  However, learning how to use these different weapons well will broaden your understanding of how to approach a wide variety of enemies and that knowledge will ultimately reduce your frustrations as a whole.

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                                Re: Problems with Campers and the Community in every Call of Duty from MW2-Ghost

                                People play how they want to play. You can't change that. they aren't cheating, modding, glitching or exploiting at all. If you can't handle campers use C4 to break it up...oh wait don't, since then an "OMG C4 is so OP" thread will start...and then a "STOP COMPLAINING AND SHUTUP" thread will start...and then a....you get the picture.


                                If you can't beat it, overcome it. Or, play a different franchise, here are some you may like with more 'realistic' qualities:



                                ~Tom Clancy games

                                ~Battlefield franchise

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                                  Re: Problems with Campers and the Community in every Call of Duty from MW2-Ghost

                                  Best thing I do is treat it like an FBI drug bust at a crackhouse. Check every corner and watch your back.

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