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    [XBOX360] [18+] [TRBE] MajorLeagueTribe Level 23 Gold Tags Diamond Division Now Recruiting for AW


      [TRBE] MajorLeagueTribe

      Clan Level: 23

      Clan K/D: 1.75

      Members: 38

      Division: Diamond


      Clan Requirements:

      -Be loyal.  Don't bother applying if you're a clan hopper.

      -Be active, friendly, and respectful. Play together if on!

      -18+ Years of Age

      -All K/D's accepted

      With an exciting new Call of Duty season starting we have moved our recruitment page to the Advanced Warfare Forums.

      [XBOX360] [18+] [TRBE] Now Recruiting for the First Clan Wars in Advanced Warfare

      As such, we will no longer be taking anymore requests for Ghosts.



      shredsector [2.0 KD / 300+ Hours Played]


      Thanks!  Hope to see you on.



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