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    Reported for spawn killing


      I played on pharaoh map, it was TDM or KC dont remember but one guy spawned 2 times in front of me and of course i reacted and killed him and i heard him rage, but this happened 2-3 times more and i heard him talking how im spawn killing him and he was going to report me for spawn killing and he sayd to the others to do the same  So what should i do if someone spawn in front of me? Let him kill me instead?


      Any thoughts? Anyone had same kind of situations? Is this bannable?

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          I found myself in a similar situation playing Hardcore TDM on Behemoth during Clan Wars. I was at one end of the map and the enemy just kept spawning in front, facing away from me. What was I supposed to do? Just let them all run off and kill the rest of my team? I think rather than casting the spotlight on ourselves, it should be shone in the general direction of the spawn logic. I'm almost certain that if the majority of other players faced the same situation, they'd gun the enemy down without a second thought.


          I think that if you're deliberately camping known spawn points for cheap kills, then yes, it is a punishable offence. If you find yourself in those circumstances by accident, it's not our fault!

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              Bingo. They will ban you under the circumstance when going through your matches if they find you camping a spawn point and killing people as soon as they flash in. That's considered exploiting and gets you a 15 day vacation and possibly a reset depending.


              What this guy described simply happens a lot when a team is rushing or pushing around a map. I run a counter-clockwise push through Strikezone typically, so I will string between 5 and 10 kills together on average... it isn't my fault most of them are the same two people.. blame the Spawn Logic on that lol

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              Happened earlier to me in a match of Gun Game, some guy raged because I ran through a doorway just to see him spawn 20 feet from me so I did the obvious thing and I shot him, he then started harassing me and reported me for spawn trapping even there was only one incident the entire game, sometimes people just overreact too much.

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                I wouldnt worry about doing it half a dozen times in a game.


                An old moderator and Policy Enforcement member from Activision said a few years ago

                "There is a line that is crossed when it goes from being a legitimate tactic to an exploit that gives the enemy no possibility of escape. This is something that I look at on a daily basis, and deal with on a case by case basis.

                That's the best I can do for you. If you ever find yourself spawn trapping someone to the point of you being right behind the enemy as they spawn, you need to take a step back. Not only does this ruin the experience for other players, it's just poor gamer etiquette."


                The only answers you will get here is an opinion if it is bannable unless an actual PE team member that bans people steps in. But in my opinion I am  sure you are safe. What that player should do next is mark you as avoid for poor gaming practices that is all.


                you want to see where people actually got banned spawn killing. Look up on youtube for the "501 video".

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                    Yeah i seen it but they was actually boosting in that video.

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                        Yeah that was an extreme case. But I wouldnt worry about it if you arent obviously boosting to get those kills. I seriously doubt they would ban you, and I think even if they DID do something they would reset you at least once as a warning.


                        I would say to be safe dont hang around areas that generate spawns unless you are like 50 feet away. CONTROLLING the spawns is a legit tactic discussed by developers and such.


                        But again thats just opinion. I also think that guy that complained about you was just pointing the finger at you. I think if he didnt get killed in the first place then he wouldnt have gotten spawn killed


                        I think if he did report you then the Policy Team Member would look at your stats , ignore it, and then go on to the next report .

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                      ah yes the good ole days when spawn trapping was all the rage....no pun intended


                      OP take it as compliment that they are gonna report you for killing them. Thats what i do and my 90% avoided on my 360 profile shows it LOL.

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                        If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

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                          I believe it is fine if you are not purposely doing it. As long as you aren't modding, cheating etc, you are just using an in-game 'accidental' exploit to your advantage.

                          Obviously, if it gets ridiculous to the point of KEM streaks and such...maybe step back just as starbuckfrack said out of etiquette.

                          The main point is that don't let people put you down for playing how you want to play, especially if it's accidental.


                          Well, now you've brought it up, here's something to look forward to being patched in the next monthly update!

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                            What you do is, you pm him and tell him he's a noob and to go cry to Mummy. Then let him go complain on the forums about how the spawns are broken and hopefully #Infinityward will grow some and fix the problem. Don't let anyone kill you, even if they spawn in front of you. Plus who cares if you get banned from this game, it's the most boring CoD release yet.