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    Diamond Division Clan B.H.A.E. Recruiting


      3X Platinum / 2X Diamond Division Winners

      Level 25 Diamond Division Clan (Red Clan Tag holders)

      BHAE is looking to recruit serious minded and dedicated COD enthusiast's for Ghosts and Advanced Warfare(to be released Nov '14) for the PS4 console. What we are looking for are as follows:

      • Active player's
      • Headset and microphone
      • Ability to work well in a team concept
      • Excellent in communication
      • COD experience
      • Ability to commit to Clan Wars according to schedule
      • No "Clan Hoppers"
      • Positive attitude


      If you are interested in becoming a part of a dedicated and experienced clan, log onto to http://www.bhaegamers.com and fill out our online application. (SERIOUS APPLICANT'S NEED ONLY APPLY)@ !