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    Let's talk about HARDCORE


      It has become pretty clear that the popularity of hardcore has seriously dipped as of late. For the previous 3 nights especially. "Zero Games Found"..."Zero Games Found"..."Zero Games Found"


      So me being the social butterfly that I am... I started doing some field research in regular lobbies to find out why everyone is avoiding hardcore games. Here are the 2 most common responses and some possible solutions that came up in conversation:


      1.) Its too frustrating: The main cause of frustration is not from the increased difficulty of the game but rather the lack of skill points that you are able to accumulate.

      ***Possible solutions that tested well in discussions were to either a.) give skill points for drill completions, just like regular game play or b.) Give skill points for drill completions but "only on drills where the challenges were completed successfully." 


      2.) Its not worth the effort: The reasoning most commonly described for this point of view is that for all the effort, stress and skill required to complete a mission on hardcore... You only "1 TOOTH" extra.


      ***The only possible solution for this complaint would be to increase the amount of teeth rewarded for a completed hardcore mission. Anywhere from 5 teeth or greater would greatly increase people's interest in playing hardcore games, based on my lobby chats.


      Anyway... I thought since all the best players join here, that I would throw the issue out to you guys. Why aren't you playing as many hardcore games? and what changes to the system would increase your interest in taking on the challenge?



      Please stay on topic, be respectful to fellow forum members, and try not to brag too much... LOL


      All the best,


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          Both your suggestions are spot on...IF you could earn 2 skill points per hive and IF you could get at least 5 teeth per hive...I would play nothing but hc.

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            I don't play hardcore for the extra tooth (which IMO is more than a fair reward) I play simply for the extra challenge. On regular when you have a good team of 4 its so easy that half the team can literally just stop playing and the other 2 can easily carry on..... At least in hardcore you feel as though your contributions are actually needed sometimes....

            Luckily, buy the time you get to the stage where regular/hardcore games are a piece of piss you are no longer relying on public lobby's for a game as usually by that stage you will have built up a friends list of competent players who are all looking for a harder game to keep them interested.

            Anyone who says 'it's not worth the effort' or 'it's too frustrating' isn't good enough yet to feel comfortable playing it, which is fine, not everybody can be great at it, and it gives them something to work towards.

            What you have to bear in mind is that hardcore is designed to be for the top players, its not meant to be doable to every player as that would defeat the point of it. Nothing ***** me off more than people complaining about a challenge being challenging.... go and live in a dribble bubble.

            I complete 8 relic hardcore solo's and it gets annoying chasing that perfect game but il never complain its too hard while the extra difficulty remains optional.

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              Ok.... so.... here's what we have so far:


              - "H2Oslider" agrees with the vast majority of the players that I have spoken to about this subject.

              - "whyareyousoretarded" thinks the system is just fine the way it is, which is an extremely rare response that I have also gotten from people in lobbies, along with the equally rare... "What is hardcore?"


              So lets hear from the rest of your guys, but please remember:

              "Please stay on topic, be respectful to fellow forum members, and try not to brag too much... LOL"


              To be more specific, I will narrow the topic down to:

              What would make Hardcore more appealing to more players? Please feel free to embellish on any of the ideas above, or add a few of our own.


              (The reason for this post is not to complain about the difficulty level of Hardcore, but rather to provide the developers with valuable feedback about how to increase the popularity of Hardcore because so few people are playing it currently that search results for random games are commonly resulting in "Zero Matches.")


              Thanks again for the replies so far fellas... keep them coming.


              All the best,


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                  I'll be totally honest, to date I think I've only ever played 1 HC game and that was with Not You and Retro, as enjoyable as it was I did miss the bonus skill points for drilling the hive. I like your suggestion about getting a skill point for the hive as long as you also successfully complete the required challenge as well, that way it keeps things interesting.

                  I also would support getting extra teeth, but to make things balanced I would suggest a tooth for completing all the challenges in each area, it then gives players something to try and work towards.

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                      An extra tooth for completionist is a great idea. I would definitely vote for that for the regular game mode too.

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                        I actually do believe it was me, you, Sarah and Kyle  (Mayday HC).

                        I don't think Retro had tried HC until the other day when I had  a game with him on NF (I am probably wrong though).



                        I definitely don't think anything should be changed in Hardcore, especially how you earn skill points. That'd be like saying "take off ricochet fire". I know you understand it's meant to be hardcore, but it's as if everyone else doesn't. That's what it is. HARDcore. It's supposed to be a challenge and not a cake walk for everyone. Even if you give a skill point per hive for the challenge if it was completed, the majority who play hardcore would easily get it. It'd just be the same as regular, except ricochet is on and more cryptids (aka. no challenge what so ever).



                        I can understand the teeth problem, only getting one for completing it. But playing hardcore isn't about the teeth, it's about the challenge.

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                            I'm pretty much in the same mind set as you Stink. I like hardcore the way it is, but even the best players have cut back playing it to the point of desertion.


                            Its basic economics...when there is extremely low demand for a product you either have to alter the product to appeal to a larger group or just stop servicing the product altogether.


                            Obviously, since I like the way it is... I prefer the least amount of changes necessary to make Hardcore relevant to more players in order to keep it off the inevitable chopping block. I think the best way to achieve that goal is by keeping the game play the same, but adding the incentive of more teeth for completed hardcore missions. This would also keep all high score players happy since all their hard work wouldn't have been for nothing.


                            This is just my opinion and I am still looking forward to more members chiming in. Remember... the developers read these posts and value your input too.

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                                Adding more teeth for completing, I certainly don't mind them doing. Since that wouldn't be altering the game play for HC. I think 5 or similar though, just to complete, is too many. It'd be nice if they could make it so the first 3 times you complete HC, you get 5 teeth, 5 games there after, you get 3 teeth, and any games after that, you get 2 or 1.

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                                It wasn't the first time, I'd had a bash at solo and co-op POC some time before. For all those complaining that regular POC is easy (we all know it is), give hardcore a go. You'll have to concentrate and PTFO this time folks!

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                            I think what this all boils down to is that hardcore can be done and it is an exciting and more difficult challenge in hardcore mode and it is very do-able... if you are playing with good established players that you are used to playing with.
                            From what I see it seems like the people who want hardcore to stay the same play it with their friends who have experience. I know for me personally hardcore or regular mode I breeze through games soooo much more easily with my old reliable friends who know what they're doing and we all know how each other plays and we all know our jobs when we work together as a team.
                            But the reality is not everyone has a friends list that established, and not everyone's friends are exclusive extinction players that seek out this much challenge when they play. I know for me personally my friends (which vary from people having 100 escapes to 1000 escapes) would rather play regular with relics on than play hardcore and I'm sure skill points have a lot to do with it. That means for me personally I don't get to play hardcore much, and I would absolutely seek out public lobbies for it, but I can almost never find a hardcore game on ps4, it always says there are 3-5 players in the lobby and when I search no games are found.
                            It sucks that to play hardcore you'd have to seek out players and friends and you can't just go lobby hopping, I don't want to take an hour to hunt down people to play with.
                            The worst that would happen if more skill points were given in hardcore is that the game would be a little easier... but if you want that extra challenge you can put it there by: running relics, using more difficult loadouts, turning off your armory upgrades, play with newbies, or simply don't use the extra skill points you are given. You can always make it more difficult if you choose.


                            And I'm usually always for getting extra teeth But I don't think it's necessary I feel like I've earned teeth fast enough to buy armory upgrades as I needed them, it's been nice having to work hard to earn what I have. I don't buy into the 1000 tooth upgrade hype. I feel like the extra teeth would also attract an unwanted audience of newbie players dying to hypno a rhino. Maybe not so many as 5 vs the usual one. Maybe as others have said you could get a bonus tooth for completionist or something and maybe 2 teeth for escaping since after all it is a lot more effort than regular mode.