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    Suggestions for Modern Warfare 3 campaign updates

      Im one of the few people who still plays the campaign of MW3 and I think its a beautiful story. (Even though 2 and 3 will never compare to the first but thats beside the point) So, I would like to open up to suggestions for updates to the campaign. For example, as Im typing this I am playing the mission 'Persona non Grata' and I decided to pick up the MG36. Great weapon. Its carbine counterpart is great as well. (Also wish the rifle version was there too. Oh well) Now, the MG36 in game has either a fore grip, or nothing. Has anyone noticed that if you pick up the default, you cant take ammo from a fore gripped one laying on the ground? To me, it doesnt make any sense. To a gun expert it might, but that, I am not. So, I would like to suggest this to Infinity Ward as an update. Not sure if they will listen to me here like Dice does with their community, but its worth a shot. Suggest your update ideas for MW3 campaign below. Support is greatly appreciated, but not required.