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    Looking for an active clan PS4

      I'm looking for an active clan that likes to have a good time and also plays clan wars.  If that sounds like you send me a friend request.  AdamHBomb21

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          Re: Looking for an active clan PS4

          Clan KILL is recruiting for all Platforms. Currently we need more players on xbox one, psn 3, and psn 4. I am hoping to bring the clan to those listed. On xbox 360 we are a very active clan especially during clan wars. we have numerous top 3 finishes. we are currently a level 23 clan should be 25 by the end of next wars.


          We are also looking for people to possibly become more involved with the clan such as we are looking for Lt. Commanders on the other platforms.


          our requirements are


          have a mic

          have dlc map packs

          be friendly

          be able to play as a team

          be available during clan wars

          play at least 3-5 days per week when clan wars is not going on

          also sign up for an account at www.clankillgaming.enjin.com


          If any of this sounds like you might be interested then get ahold of us in one of the ways listed below


          www.clankillgaming.enjin.com and submit an application

          twitter @_CLANKILL


          go to the app and look for clan KILL (all Capital Letters) and apply

          xbox 360 gamertag Wicked War1ock


          thank you

          Wicked War1ock

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