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    Recruiting for brand new league play team [PS3]

      I have recently decided to create a new league play team as I'm sick on getting into lobbies with people who don't play the objective or just in general do not play well. The clan name is Cynical And works off UK times .As this is a new team there is 3 spots available. I will be looking for players who:


      - Play the objective

      - Have good communication skills (callouts etc)

      - Are available most of the time

      - Take the game lightly (no screaming down the microphone every time you die...)

      - Have ambition for winning no matter what

      - Im generally not to fussy on KD as playing the objective comes first no matter what, however I would like it if you tend to go positive most games

      - no squeakers for the wellbeing of the team and my sanity ^^


      As in terms of clan roles, I would need someone with good and experience anchoring skills. However apart from this role there would be 2 more spots to fill with people who are objective players possibly even a slayer. If you believe you can fill this role then leave a reply to this post and add me on psn: Cynical_Arachnid


      I Would prefer if you made an account with our name in it for example: Cynical_******** with your preferred name as long as the letter after the _ is a capital. Sorry I have OCD


      I cannot stress enough how important communication is so having a headset is a MUST!   Hopefully we can get something good going he


      As for my personal skills: I often have a 2 KD which obviously fluctuates up and down, I was placed last season in platinum as I only just started getting back into league play 1 week ago just before the season ended   my strongest game type is CTF and is what I enjoy the most. however my S&D game is slightly lacking so in the current pre season I would like to try and improve my game as a team. If you have any questions then just leave a reply to this post!   thanks everyone for reading.