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    Less than 27 thousand people playing online?


      During the peak of the day on Xbox One all I ever see if 27K people playing. Is this due to a bad game or the One being too expensive?  There are still hundreds of thousands playing Ghosts on 360 but on the One it is terrible.  Right now as I post this there are 12,781 players online in the entire world.


      Way to underachieve IW and Activision!

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          It has been a lot worse than that! Some days it doesn't get to 7000 at times. Some HC playlists have under 100 players in lobbys/matches. I guess if you buy Ghosts for the 360 would you want to pay twice for the One edition? I know alot of people who traded in their One for a PS4 just because the first games out were not 1080p on the One.

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            Hey, 27,000 people is alot of people.


            Still better than the PC and WiiU.

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                To compare the Wii U to the One is just plain silly. People don't buy a Wii U to play COD.  To the person who said 27,000 is a lot yeah I guess so if you see them all in one place like a Pro baseball stadium.  Most small cities have a population of more and all Pro Baseball parks will hold more than 27,000 people.  If I can get 27K to go to a game for between 10 to 120 dollars a person that only last 3 hrs and also get them to pay 5 dollars for a 12 oz drink and 7 dollars for a slice of pizza  then why can't Xbox and Activision get more people to buy this product?  That's simply because it's crap.  More people people don't play it because it isn't worth playing and I am glad more people don't because it will cause Activision to fix the game and Xbox to fix the One or they will cancel the series and go back to the drawing board.  I would like them to fix it and keep what has been a really cool series alive instead of coming up with something new just so they can rob us again since their won't be any expectations for the new game.

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                to be fair with the lag issue's mostly because P2P is in place as opposed to dedi servers, and ofcourse the where abouts of the host its ruined the game fullstop.

                I went on and tryed 3 different gamemodes in clan objective section, it was honestly the worst experience i have ever had on console i couldnt hit a damn thing but they sure as hell could hit me.


                Before anyone comes at me with get your connection checked call MS XBL help, done and done we established i had done everything i could and it was not me, i had previously been refunded for my copy of Ghost but recently repurchased it when gamepointsnow were doing a code for the full game digital edition on XB1 for £17.99.

                On the whole for that price and something other than forza 5 to play, which also suffers with crazy lag i could justify that price.

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                  I have seen couple times about 2800

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                    It has nothing to do with IW, it will be the same when AW hits. Not enough people converted to XB1. Waiting for the day new releases don't come out for 360 or ps3.

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                      On ps4, it's the same situation, although not at bad as you are reporting on XB1.  I recently compared ps4 to ps3 online numbers, and saw 45k on ps4, and 75k on the ps3 (peak traffic times).  To make matters worse, the numbers you are seeing in game is for all the player pools.  It doesn't show you how many are online that are in your matchmaking pool (same DLCs).   I found on ps4, that I find games more quickly with no DLC, so I deleted all my map packs

                      This will remain a problem until Activision takes some sort of action to bring all the player pools into a single group.  The most feasible way I see this happening would be to give away older DLCs, and making it a requirement to install them for online play. Another option would be to allow players to switch DLCs on/off from within the game without having to do a complete unistall/re-download.  At best, they will probably only offer older DLCs at a discount, which would potentially encourage more people to download them, but certainly not provide any substantial improvement in matchmaking.

                      The one best thing to do would be to allow all platforms to play together, cross platform.  There is nothing preventing this from a technical standpoint, it's more a business decision from Sony and Microsoft.  I'm not holding my breath for that....

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                        Probably has something to do with Ghosts being worse than Brokenfield 4.

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                          Oddly enough 27K is a sizeable improvement over the 20K that we used to hear about on the XBone.  Its still pretty small but the lack of players is a direct result of a lack of XBone sales.  The PS4 peak numbers easily double XBone.  In fact our off peak numbers are more like your peak numbers.  Its no secret that the PS4 is selling substantially faster than the XBone.  No one knows if this trend will continue or not but it is what it is for now.

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                            I have it for both systems (360/ONE), as some of my friends are on one or the other.


                            Even on 360 the numbers have steadily been going down.

                            It usually hovers between 50-75k. I rarely see it above 80k anymore. These numbers also include Extinction I believe.


                            Last evening on the ONE there were under 26,000 total.

                            Playing Extinction was even worse. Under 270 per DLC map, and just over 600 on Point of Contact.

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                              Not enough players have upgraded to xbox one yet




                              Ghosts is not a very popular COD game compared to previous titles.