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    DLC 5 Idea

      I don't think i am the only one here who thinks that MW2 was the best Call of Duty. Don't get me wrong I love Ghosts but MW2 had the best maps. Just looking if anyone here in the forums is willing to get some sort of petition going for a full MW2 DLC for Ghosts.


      My idea:

      DLC 5: Relapse

      Map 1: Highrise

      Map 2: Skidrow

      Map 3: Sub Base

      Map 4: Terminal

      Extinction Map: Downpour

      (I wouldn't mind seeing that Trailer Park, Carnival and that apartment building from the MW2 DLCs either.)


      Any ideas?

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          Re: DLC 5 Idea

          That would be good for us that never played MW2 - MW3 was awesome, thats the first COD I played. I'd rather they put more effort into correcting lag issues & getting more players online....You're quite right - Terminal is a classic...maybe time for a revamp(again)!!!


          I was hoping for a return to the old skool like Korean War or Vietnam (probably already covered) but all this future stuff is worrying me AW will be like Titanfall - I don't want to kill aliens or robots just plain old infantry and if a headshot with a sniper rifle could vapourise players heads all the better!

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            Re: DLC 5 Idea

            Even though I agree some of the best maps WERE in MW2, the one with the lodge was my favorite.


            I am pretty sure holding petitions even for a good cause is a no-no. But you CAN do a vote (Yes, No) .

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