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    The Elephant in the Room- The Spawn System

      So we've had discussions arguing over boost jumps and the futuristic aspects of this game. No matter what your thoughts on those things are, I think we'd ALL agree that regardless of those details. it is the basic elements of the game that are truly going to make or break this title.


      Connectivity, Controls, Frame Rate, Graphics, Matchmaking... all of those add to or detract from the experience, and if they aren't on point, the rest really doesn't matter all that much, no?


      But now to the Elephant in the room.. Spawns.


      Spawns have been a Bone of Contention in Ghosts since it's release. Teanah even had a never-ending Spawn Feedback thread and while some swear there was improvement and others swear it got worse... the fact is the spawns in Ghosts continue to be questionable and an ongoing issue.


      So how will AW handle spawns? Will it be revenge based? Geometry Based? Will it be more Map Control Based like BO2?


      So put your Developer hats on here, kiddies.... What do YOU think needs to be done to improve spawns in Call of Duty? With AW's release a few months off... what would you like to see  as far as the spawn system?


      Again, looking for positive discussion, please avoid bashing past games or your fellow Forumites... rather keep it to discussion and idea-sharing. Happy Gaming!


      Drift0r's thoughts on this topic, found it interesting, thought you might enjoy it as well.


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