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    God mode for COD Ghosts




      Now i know i will step on many toes but that's not my purposes.

      I don't play over server just for my self and the only cheat i'm after is the god mode.

      So the simple question, is there any cheat to Ghosts?

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          Before asking your "simple" question, you might want to check this link first: Activision Support

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            If the console was there, you would be able to do it.

            Why do they get rid of that?

            There was no problem with the cod4 console in MP dedicated servers.

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              OMFG!!! Seen it all now, someone asking for hacks on the Activision forums!!

              'ARE YOU DUMB BLUD' ... To coin a phrase.

              If you cant play the game in the way its meant to be played, I suggest this to you.


              1. Find a box.

              2. Unplug you PC and all of the peripherals.

              3. Place PC and Peripherals in said box.

              4. Tape it up nice and securely.

              5. Put it in the loft, basement, charity shop, bottom of a lake, ebay..... you get the picture.

              6. Find a nice simple hobby like stamp collecting, train spotting, you know, something that YOU CANNOT CHEAT WITH.


              Kids like you who cant handle defeat really need to get a grip. Cheats and hacks don't make you look 'pro' or make you irresistible to women, or most importantly, give you a sense of ACHIEVEMENT. Die a few times, work out tactics and strategies, die some more, and LEARN TO PLAY. If that's too much effort, then gaming is clearly not for you.