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    Things I love, and hate, about CoD Ghost.

      This is basically gonna be my review for this game. I intend for it to be rather long and detailed, so prepare yourself.





      The maps, when they are good, are absolutely fantastic. Maps like Strikezone and Prison break, in my opinion, are just as good, if not better, than some of the best maps of MW2 and BO2. A lot of you may disagree and say something like "These maps support camping!" but I completely disagree. Every camping spot I see, ALWAYS has another way in. This allows you to flank the camper and easily take him out. I'm far from an amazing player, (I can barely keep my KD past 1.1) so campers shouldn't be a problem, especially on the good maps.



      From my experience, Ghost lags MUCH LESS than BO2. On BO2, I would have three bars, and I would be teleporting across the map. In Ghost, the hit detection is usually spot-on for me, and I have only experienced the annoying "teleporting" thing a few times.



      The weapons in Ghost, are damn near perfectly balanced, ESPECIALLY the Snipers. In BO2, it was basicly SMG's or Snipers. In ghost, every single class of weapons seems to have its own advantages, with none of them being more powerful than the rest. The snipers in BO2 were insane. Quickscoping was so easy to do, almost nothing could counter it. In Ghost, quickscoping is still there, but it feels MUCH, MUCH, less OP than it did it Ghost. In BO2, I could get first shot with an SMG and he would just QS me instantly. However, that is yet to happen to me in Ghost.



      No more trickshotters!!!!! In BO2, Trickshotters plagued almost EVERY SnD lobby I would join. After several months of Ghost, I have only come across two trickshotting lobbies!!! Trickshotters are annoying, and in my opinion, ruined SnD for BO2. I'm glad they're gone, and I'm sure lots of people are too.



      I don't really have much to say about this. Its a great idea, and I'm glad its here. It makes everything just a little bit more unique.



      This is an awesome, awesome, AWESOME, game mode. Its an incredibly original idea, and I think its almost as good as zombies. Its fun, fast paced, and it has a great story. However, I kinda wish it had more unique weapons, like Zombies did.



      This might be just me, but I have come across A LOT less annoying little kids on Ghost. They still show up every once and a while, but not nearly as much as BO2. Again, this might be just me.



      I think the perks are fantastic in this game. I really LOVE how each perk is now broken up into an individual class. (Stealth, handling, etc). I think that was a FANTASTIC idea, and I really like some of the new perks.



      Now, for the Cons.



      I know maps are also in the Pros, but there are a few things that need to be said. The maps that are good, are really good, but the maps that suck, REALLY fricken suck. I'm talking about maps like Stone Haven and StormFront. What were they thinking?! Those maps are fricken HUGE!!! With only 12 players per game, you will most likely be running around for 3 minutes before you find anyone! I'm pretty sure StormFront is one of the worst maps in CoD History.



      To me, the killstreaks in this game seem REALLY bland and boring. Sure, they may get you a few free kills, but whats the fun in that? Killstreaks like the AC-130 would get you quite a few kills, and they were a blast to use. Now though, the killstreaks seem really linear. The Maniac is fun, but even that doesn't compare to the excitement of an AC-130 or a Chopper Gunner.



      Campaign in CoD has never been anything special, but at least it had some very memorable characters (I.E soap). In Ghost, it seemed very forgettable. After just one week after finishing the campaign, I already forgot the name of several of the characters. They weren't very likeable, and I think the story was just "average". Its not awful like BF3's campaign was, but it sure as hell wasn't as good as BO2's or MW2's. Also, why didn't the snipers have the dual rendering like in MP?!


      Interactive Environments.

      When they said that each map will have something interactive about it, I was very excited. However, the result is an absolute fail in my book. When I heard "interactive environment" I expected to be able to blow up a building and knock down walls. But no, what I got was the ability to open and close a door. THATS IT! Sure, some maps have some cool stuff to interact with, but the overall package was very disapointing in my book.



      In many ways, I feel Ghost is an improvement over BO2. However, I also feel it fell a little short. Its a good game, and it certainly isn't the worst CoD ever, but its far from the best. Its fun, and it will keep me entertained until the next CoD, but I most likely wont come back to it once the next one comes out.


      I give this a 7/10



      Well, that's my review. I left out a few small things that I didn't feel need to be talked about (Duel rendering snipers, unlimited sprint when using marathon, etc), but I feel like I did a good job with this review. Tell me what you agree/disagree with about my review.

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          Re: Things I love, and hate, about CoD Ghost.

          It took me an hour to write this.... I'd appreciate it if someone reviewed it xD

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            Re: Things I love, and hate, about CoD Ghost.

            I enjoyed reading your review, It's good to see someone's opinion without completely focusing on the negatives.

            I agree with every one of your pros, so if you don't mind I want to look at your cons to see my thoughts on them:



            I thought most of the maps in Ghosts were pretty good. The only map I REALLY dislike is Tremor, that map just annoys the heck out of me for some reason.

            But, I'm opposite to you in that I <3 StoneHaven and StormFront. This may be because it's coming from an S&R point of view, my favourite game mode. In fact, these two, Warhawk and Prison Break are my favourite maps for both the Search game modes.



            I agree completely, they weren't near as exciting or fun as the previous games, and just felt a bit bland to me. It may be because of the HUD when controlling the big score streaks such as the Loki or Helo Pilot. They felt a bit simple and there was non of that 'impact' you felt when an explosion hit the ground.



            I half and half agree with you.

            "Campaign in COD has never been anything special." I have loved all of the COD campaigns. I thought they were really great and for me Ghosts is no exception.

            In terms of the Ghosts story and characters, I didn't like it much at all, a bit bland and as you said it was forgettable.

            BUT, in terms of missions, I think they were some of the BEST the franchise has seen. I'm so glad they brought back that partnering stealth we saw only slightly in previous COD's, and the action sequences were not too overblown (excluding the space missions). I would even be game enough to compare some of the missions to the likes of "All Ghillied Up" from COD4 (BEST. MISSION. EVER.)

            One thing I was VERY disappointed with was the remove of "photo-realism" that was in the MW series. I expected Infinity Ward to use the same art style but, alas, they had to try out a new one, leaving for some pretty static facials and clothing, and the removal of very prominent visionary delights that were in MW such as running water, sparks, realistic fire, and sweat and water on character's equipment and body. I go back and play MW3 and the particle effects still surprise me, they were insane for an older game, and still are today.


            Interactive Environments

            Yeah, these were a bit of a gimmick, didn't really do much in the end. I remember IW saying, "things such as logs that can crush an enemy". But too find it only in one map (Prison Break), and almost impossible to even kill someone with them when you could just shoot them anyway, that's just one example but it's the same for all. I am sort of glad that they didn't do it fully fleshed out, I could see it making the multi-player a bit unbalanced. But they shouldn't have advertised it so good, it just brought down people's expectations.


            Anyway, even though this isn't a proper review of course, if I were to score it, it'd be an:


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              Re: Things I love, and hate, about CoD Ghost.

              I'll have to disagree with you on the maps Stonehaven and Stormfront.  Both of those maps are large but you don't have to run around on either of them to get kills.  They each have very good lines of sight and will put you back in the action rather quickly if you are using a long range weapon.  Now maybe if your rocking a shotgun there's going to be a lot of running but if you use a gun that's built for the map range then you should be fine.  I have used a shotgun on Stonehaven btw and did quite well with it but I did have to sprint quite a bit.

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                  Re: Things I love, and hate, about CoD Ghost.

                  Like I said, maps are basically opinion only. In my opinion, maps shouldn't be "Snipers only" or "SMG's and shotguns only". Maps  like StormFront, seem to be snipers only. Sure, they have some tight areas, but its so fricken huge you're gonna be running around for A LONG ASS TIME.


                  Again though, its just my opinion.

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                      Re: Things I love, and hate, about CoD Ghost.

                      I've run a bulldog on Stonehaven going something like 23-10 in TDM.  I've also had some really good matches running a VEPR on Stormfront.  While those maps certainly cater to snipers, they are very playable with other weapons if you know how to stay out of the longer lines of sight.  If you can get behind the enemy lines, you'd be amazed at how quickly you can drop them just due to the mismatch in weapons.  Using a sniper on Strikezone can be tough but its doeable.  The maps are built to where you can use whatever you want and be successful but some maps like these do require an advanced understanding of them to pull it off.

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                    Re: Things I love, and hate, about CoD Ghost.



                    (too lazy to write a long ass reply right now, but i want to archive this in my history so i don't forget)

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                      Re: Things I love, and hate, about CoD Ghost.

                      A suggestion is to play League Play to get rid of Trickshoters,

                      The few things why i disliked Ghost is:

                      1. The Maps: The were to big, the game was very slow paced Because of this. he only good map was Strikezone, in my opinion

                      2.The Color: the color on ghost was too bland like MW3 it should have been more vibrant like BO2 and MW2. It's not a Big problem just a little annoying to me.

                      3.THE KILLSTREAKS: I don't even need to explain this....

                      4.Skill Gap; the skillgap in ghost is very low.the reason are the cheap killstreaks and the time to kill. The time to kill inGhost is short which is why there are more campers because it is more effective. In a game like BO2 the time to kill is longer so if some is camping and encounters someone the camper can die depending how good the player is. if you are better you can just turn on him.

                      5.FFA. They ruined it...

                      ^The Killfeed: if you got a quad feed nobody would know! its faded and is in a different spot

                      A Few Things i Liked about Ghost

                      1:GAMEBATTLES: game-battles is like the perfect version on ghost. They get rid of the IEDs ,C4s,Dogs,  etc. the time to kill dosen't matter as much because it is more strategicly played

                      2.Strikezone: YUP......

                      3. Dropzone. this game mode makes the game much faster paced so the larger maps wont be a problem

                      Overall this was a Decent game, but i would only play GB battles because thats the most enjoyable Mode.

                      I prefer games like Bo2 and MW2(not including noob tubes)better

                      I would rate 7/10

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                        Re: Things I love, and hate, about CoD Ghost.

                        I agree with almost everything on your post, except the maps stuff, but of course, that is purely opinion based.


                        Customization is the biggest step up from previous games for me and I love all of the options. I can now easily tell apart my friends right away without having to even see their name. Sometimes I'd be playing infection and "Oh, a blonde guy with the riot helmet, that must be John, I think I'll let him live for a bit."


                        Extinction is just super fun to me and I easily prefer it over zombies because it's much more linear and diverse. It's probably my favorite part of ghosts and I'm only a few ranks away from max prestige on it.


                        The maps are... different, and I have a lot of mixed opinions on them. But I heard that "three-lane style" maps are coming back in CoD AW.


                        Definitely have to agree on the killstreaks. I ran high streaks for a while and I eventually got my 200-whatever kills patch for the Loki satellite. It's kinda sad when I almost always get twice as many kills with the Gryphon than with the Loki, which requires 5 more kills. (I do love the gryphon though)



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                          Re: Things I love, and hate, about CoD Ghost.

                          The lag is better for you? Really? It is the worst for me by far. BO2, I could make a come back if someone was killing me. You must have awful internet and the servers are favoring you. aka lag comp.

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                            Re: Things I love, and hate, about CoD Ghost.

                            I agree with most of what you said except:


                            Lag - it all depends on what side of it you fall. There is zero question in my mind that ghosts favors certain connections over others. To make matters worse it seems to have very little to do with how good your internet is. For me the connection fell on the wayside making the game marginally playable at best and mostly unplayable.  Sadly all my friends suffer from the same issue so almost none of us play MP. Whatever their method of matchmaking it stinks. Makes average players beast and good players noobs, all because of connection.


                            Stonehaven - Although it is suited to long range battles i.e sniping.  You can go beast using a rushing set-up. I remember dropping something like 25-7 using a knife only. Same can be said of whiteout.  The only maps i truly dislike for their size is siege. I have a personal hatred for stormfront, so no arguments there.

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