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    August is around the corner and the new COD HYPE is starting!!!

      Less than 100 days until the release of Advanced Warfare.  The hype is there with only 5 seconds of mp footage.  8/11 for the trailer then the hands on at Gamescon. 


      This will be a glimmer of hope for some, so they can trade in ghosts for the pennies that its worth at Gamestop or even find some clever way to destroy it on youtube.


      In the meantime, I found a game called Battlefield 4 to tide me over until November.  No, I'm not a BF Fanboy, I just really despise Ghosts.  It's no Call of Duty, but it's sure better than Ghosts.


      I have a feeling this is going to be the rebirth of Call of Duty and then next year 3arc will slam out another great title.