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    we need vechles back

      i herd i romer that cod had vechles in like 1 and i think it woudl be cokmel idc r rye pur cwxhule in the next gmae cuse it wold e fun shotin opeple in a tanck and runin over nobosi n a jeeps and may be thee wil be som haks for flyins taanks to that would be awsome oh yea and helipcpoters that can shoot snipers on them and stuff like trhat oh yea and a good game mode wold b ac130 battle were rveryonen drives an aac1430 and shots oher guys onthe ground like one teams has an acc130 and the other team run arond on gond and has to doge them that wold be cool and make aanut tnaks wepons they shold put this in cod ghost next dlc