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    Hey, I own a clan called Smite, we're a new sniping clan currently on PS3.

      We're working on growing our channel and need quite a lot of clips from our members so we're recruiting here and at other places to try growing our roster.



      There are only 2 requirements to join:

      [I]- Must have a mic or be able to communicate with other members (such as Skype)

      - Must be decent at quickscoping/trickshotting (you don't have to be amazing, if you really want to improve and turn pro you can join[/I]



      Add me on PSN - [B]Smite_Agile[/B] or Skype message me - [B]zjamie123[/B]



      Our Youtube channel - Youtube.com/YTSmiteClan



      I know the videos aren't great, we're working on making better ones.