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    The Current Abused Game Modes.

      There are certain game modes to play depending on how you want to play, however, people abuse this. There are certain players that abuse the game mode for their own personal gain and ruin that game for the rest of the people playing it to play. These two are the biggest I've been seeing abused.

      Blitz - This can be a fun game mode, despite certain players. I have noticed that this is no longer a game for fun, 3/4 matches I join are just spawn trapping. The only people I see trying to win the game are people who are doing it for their clan, like me.

      Drop Zone - This has fallen to the same problem as blitz, most games are just spawn trapping. There are people who sit in specific areas with LMG's and trap the spawn.


      I want to make something clear though, when I say spawn trapping I do not mean people just running around in my spawn getting kills. I mean when the other team camps at specific locations, you basically spawn if front of one of them or run 5 feet and get killed again and again. I'm not ranting though, please don't think that I am. I'm trying to get this viral so it can be fixed, it ruins the game mode. I understand that some of you will say to me "Just play a different game mode" or "Stop ranting and just play the game". Please do not be those people, I made this post for positive feedback and possible to get it viral. If you took the time to read this, thank you.

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          Re: The Current Abused Game Modes.

          This has been talked about already on these boards. Nothing new, only time players actual play this crap is during clan wars. I don't know anyone who enjoys genuinely enjoys playing blitz or drop zone given what it is now.

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            Re: The Current Abused Game Modes.

            The best thing they could have done for blitz was to take it out of clan war rotation last clan war.  Had some really good games of blitz because it was basically full of randoms who had no interest in and couldn't get organized enough to spawn trap.   I've not had any problems with spawn trapping on Drop Zone since the objective moves around.

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              Re: The Current Abused Game Modes.

              Yes very true, same goes for Domination too.

              It seems like the only Core game modes I can find matches for now are TDM and Dom.

              I love TDM but get sick of having no objective and can get boring just killing.

              Play Dom and face teams KEM and KD stacking - they don't even know what an objective is.

              Mostly because alot of these players cant get a KEM in TDM so they go to an objective lobby to exploit people actually trying to play the game as it's intended.


              Thing is also is with such low player numbers there are no viable alternative gamemodes, you wither wait a few hours to find a game of X, Y or Z (if your lucky) or you stick with the most players in the gamemodes (TDM and Dom).


              What I would love to see is a patch that negates points for players who don't capture or even neutralise objectives.

              Maybe this would be better as an alternative game mode. 

              EG: 0 captures = zero score applied at all (there is no excuse - there is always the spawn Obj)

              Minimum of 1 capture = only 25% of final kill score and KD applied .

              2 caps = minimum of 50% kill score and KD applied

              3+ captures = full score and KD applied


              That way players who play the objective are not subsidising kill-whores and it will encourage KW's to actually get off their asses and help the team. It also means kill whores who only try to get one or two caps then killwhore the rest of the game don't get full score applied for their selfish ways.


              Hit em where it hurts - their score and stats.

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                Re: The Current Abused Game Modes.

                there are slayers and there are objective players. slayers go for kills while objective players handle the objective and vice versa.

                dont get mad at some one " kill whoring" because he has probably saved you countless times from a group of 2-3 about to come around the corner and kill you with tubes, LMGs and various other things. they are playing the objective just not the same way you do.


                i mean look at MLG game plays. usually 2 play objective and 2 just slay. they may occationally play the objective if they are losing but most times just go for kills while the objective players score and cap.

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                  Re: The Current Abused Game Modes.

                  What im confused about is why did everyone quit blitz because of spawn trapping. When spawn trapping was in demolition,but everyone loved that gamemode.

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                    Re: The Current Abused Game Modes.

                    My biggest gripe is in Reinforced. Please when you spawn,go jump on a base and secure it. Also if your the only player left, do not camp our base flag. So many reinforced guys play to pad their KDr and nothing else. By having no kills and being beat 4-0, you could still earn 3000xp from just capping your base flag.

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