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    When does Activision fix the Error code 3000 for the Activision Activate account ?!?!?




      I have tried to contact the customer support about this... well thats the story:


      I have tried to make myself an activision Activate account a week ago. Nowhere have i found a possibility on my moblie. I thought that activision has also a internet page where i can create one, since there is no possibility to make this on mobile. I have registert myself under the only activision registration possibility i found an i hoped that it will work. So i tried to log in to my account via mobile but then ERRORCODE 3000 - Emailadress or password not found! ... ok i called the customer support and the were quite polite on the phone, i talked to them and gave them all information that i have over this problem. they said they are sending me an e-mail (what they did) where the support case will be worked on and they told me that it will be managed through e-mail. I got a noreply email with not the tiniest possibilty to answer back through e-mail as they said. I have read the email and as written there i went onto the activision homepage, loged in, opend my supportcases and i answered them there. I have typed all information that i could provide into the replymassage and now i am waiting since one week on an open ticket!


      I kindly ask the comunity if they have experienced something similar and i hope for help so i might somehow get an answer to my ticket. I am definately sure that if i call up the supporthotline again, they will look up on the case but i do not know if the phone call costs something and if, then how much the charge me for the call. Thus calling them every single time when i reply on their answers just to get an answer from them semms to me realy frustrating!


      Thanks comunity for your reply's and help!