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    Quickscoping is ruining FFA

      These quickscopers nearly always run in a party with partychat  set to private and back each other up against regular players.

      Why is treyarch allowing this?. Maybe because the games just been out so long they no longer care.

      What also annoys me is quickscoping exploit auto aiming makes a mockery out of hard scoping.

      Its a sad state of affairs indeed.

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          Re: Quickscoping is ruining FFA

          They ruined free-for-all a long time ago.. I literally can't find a lobby without at least 5-6 guys sniping.. Most times, I'm the only one who isn't.. Every single time I play it, I get messages telling me I'm "trash" or to "kill myself".. Even had one guy tell me to "go drink bleach.".. It's pathetic.. They almost always do the same thing.. Play with their sniper overkill class, then all find something to jump off of to try and get their precious trickshot that they never ever hit.. Then they all back out when someone else gets the final kill of the match.. I had fun with them once, though.. I won the first game and they all actually stayed.. In the pre-game lobby they sent their little messages, at which I laughed, and I took the time to set up a class with grenade launcher, RPG, and 2 C4's.. I proceeded to blow them up the entire next game.. This made them even more mad and they all backed out and sent their messages again.. It was pretty funny.. I just stay away from that game mode now.. It's not even fun to try and play.. They should have just removed sniper rifles from all game modes, and made a game mode specifically for snipers to quickscope and trickshot until their little hearts just can't take it anymore.. The sniper faze wana be infestation has taken over and there isn't any changing it.. If they weren't such entitled feeling little snots, it wouldn't be as bad.. But they will just continue to do their thing and act the way they act, so just try and ignore it..

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            Re: Quickscoping is ruining FFA

            quick scope is a joke i love how players say its a play style its not a play style its a glitch they use to take avtange of the legit players.

            1st of all you pull up to a black screen and then auto aim assist takes over for about a split second if you pratice at it you dont need to aim at all just pull trigger and let the bullet heat seek your target.

            2nd if you happen to snipe legit you miss way more and im talking alot he sprints at the time you shoot and you have to take up to a full clip to hit him "myth busters" would be mad because you cant dodge a bullet.

            3rd aim assist controlers and mod users bann them as a game maker you should be able to see who is cheating fast and easy.hell join a game with that pesron its simple to see who cheats and who don't.. it don't take a lot to ban cheaters and for the ones that mod perm ban them. if they change there gamer tag you should have the ip of the xbox ban the console not the player. ..sick of getting cheated while trying to play fair..10 hit markers as he rounds the wall then he turns around runs directly into a bullet storm kills 3 team mates. that's super fair got to love the guy with a 5.0 kd prestige 1 lvl 55 that cant be killed shoots threw walls with no uav always hits never misses even if you do get a hit on him 1st you get killed cause a perk. that has nothing to do with bullet damage and if it does then it should say it does. and for the ones that death threat you put them in jail for terrorristect threats.simple call the police and have them investagate if hes locked up behind a set of bars you need not worry..

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