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    Seriously will Activision ever pull its finger out?


      Is it just me or has ghost reached and all time low with its lag, bad hit markers and constant host migration issues.


      It seems that over the last 3 weeks i've either lost connection to a host mid game, i have to empty and entire clip into another player at point blank just to kill them, or the lag is so bad that i'm constantly loosing frames.


      You would think with the amount of money this money hungry leeches make of us players everyday with DLC and new releases that they would at least give the community a good experience during game play.


      I'm also sick to death of playing against a bunch of yanks and poms half way around the world, all those promises of dedicated servers was nothing but BS.


      F@$! you activision!


      I'm deleting your shitty game and going back to Titan Fall and Battlefield!


      Rant over!

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          yea ur 100% right about the cod ghost

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            Thanks for stopping by and good luck in the future.

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              You aren't deleting anything, so just stop.

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                Wait til you start playing Titanfall like what happened to me the past three weeks. Constantly getting kicked of the servers. People with two bar connections dominating players. Hitmarkers doing nothing, waiting in a lobby for ten minutes, etc etc.


                BF same thing you shoot a full clip into someone and they got 87 percent health left.


                If BF and Titanfall were so great then why did you come to COD ?

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                  While I can't say much for the "three week" claim, as I've had no issues as you're alluding to until a couple of days ago, the XBL Matchmaking and Social servers have been flagged since the 31st and have recently gone into "Limited" status. For the last couple of days it's been either really laggy in a game, or damn near impossible to even find one. It's worse the more people you have in your party lobby. Last night we were running full teams and it would take anywhere between 3 and 7 minutes just to find enough people to play.. we're all open Nat and this has just been as of three days ago.. doesn't matter who party leads either. Half the matches we get into get unplayable lag at random intervals also, then a minute or two later someone times out. If they're on our team we ask what happened and they would say "The X-Box Live Servers are down, that's the error I kept getting.


                  While I think your time estimate on "weeks" is a gross exaggeration, I can't do more than assume you've just been experiencing the awful XBL connection for the last few days. I assume you're English, so I can't speak for your XBL servers, for all I know they've been like this for weeks. In either case, if you're having issues with finding games or getting thrown into foreign lobbies, that's not Activision that's Microsoft and their matchmaking servers. If you're timing out a lot, or getting disconnected from games and/or lobbies, that's your own connection's stability to the in game host and/or the CoD servers themselves. If this has been long term, then I'm not sure why you haven't communicated with Activision Support and Microsoft XBL Support already.. seems fairly flawed to come here and complain to a bunch of users who have absolutely no connection to the people you really want to complain to.


                  You just went to the Verizon store next door to the Asda you're upset with... that's how it works, right?

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                      I am not entirely sure how the matchmaking works but it obviously differs from game to  game. Ghosts has been indecently laggy for me, whereas other online games have had almost no lag.  This places the blame squarely on whoever is responsible as obviously it is not a game console wide complaint but individual game complaint.  Therein is a huge difference.  The level of support in problem solving is pretty much null. "it must be your connection" is the knee jerk reaction. That might be partly true but if it is not apparent in other games then that starts to get a bit frustrating to hear, so i understand the OPs frustration and if i was him i would not play either, and mostly don't because of the same issue.

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                        I did get in touch with Activision, and the statement they gave me was pretty much along the lines of 'Check that you use NAT open' option on you xbox (I do) and that you internet is reliable (It is).


                        Either way i've over this game and the lack of stability it has provided!

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                            It does have issues for some people more than most, every CoD title has been this way. There's always a handful of people in each country whose net or connection or whatever for SOME reason is just not up to par with the requirements of the matchmaking or CoD servers... it doesn't really make sense that this happens, but it does every time they introduce a new netcode, or a different setup for lag comp, there will always be that chunk of people who can never keep connected, or who lag constantly, or who just can't play the game due to unforseen issues.. sometimes it's a problem on their end, sometimes it's an incompatibility on the server's end, most of the time it's a completely rare and unreplicatable issue the support team has absolutely no way of fixing because.. unless they can replicate it, they don't know what the hell it is.


                            Each game I see people complain about the exact same thing, many completely legitimate complaints mind you, but in the scheme they are barely peppering the overall map of players.. it's a bit more obvious with this title but that's because there aren't half as many people playing this CoD as previous ones, and the rest are split up over multiple consoles in two generations of hardware.. it all boils down to "can we replicate this problem that we randomly hear about?" for the patch team.. if the answer is no, then there's not much one can do. I have friends that had an impossible time playing BO2 based on the variables of their home network and the game's servers.. it wasn't their internet was bad, it wasn't the netcoding was "atrocious".. if that were the case there wouldn't be 75% as many players as there still currently are.. it was that in that rare instance their exact network setup wasn't talking to the game servers very well, there was ping issues, or whatever.. something wasn't talking to the other well enough.. and so they ultimately decided to sit that CoD title out.. they came back with Ghosts, but for the last release title they were having the same issues as presented in the OP.. it wasn't something they could fix, it wasn't something Treyarch could modify.. the game and its connection were working just fine for the majority of the population.. so making a small modification to help a minority out and screwing the majority is not an option at all.


                            Sometimes it just boils down to complete coincidence and a completely unforeseen communication issue between client side and server side connections.. they're rare, believe me.. you aren't the only one, but you could probably count the number of people with the same issue on a single hand.. it sucks, but there isn't much that can be done

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                          When Activision starts caring more about releasing and maintaining a quality product then we will see the game become popular. While they let the bean counters run the show the game will suffer and ironically so too will their bottom line as gamers leave their games for greener pastures.