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    GOOD Times is a lvl 24 clan now recruiting serious players for our diamon war on PS3

      We are a lvl 24 clan that enjoy have a good relaxed time, until the war hits. We are in the diamond division and take it seriously. All members MUST have mic, be ACTIVE during the war, Be OUT OF SCHOOL (18+), K/D of 1.0 ( will make exceptions if K/D CLEARLY does not reflects your skill ) and the COD app. Don't care how much you play the rest of the time, but the more the better. We have just revamped our roster and are down to 9 player that are active and are seeking a few more to add. We are primarily US based with a few others. Clan War is based on EDT and PDT. We will switch back and forth depending on convenience to all at that time ( work-other plans) PS3 is  preferred. If you are interested send DCs_Back_Bro a message on PSN.