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    Play 2 Lose - UK PS4 Clan Recruiting!

      Hi All,


      We are a friendly UK clan that is looking to build up our roster to be able to level our clan as a team. Our goal is to create a clan where members can socialise with each other and create real friendships while gaming. As a clan we strongly believe that gaming is about having fun, and therefore if you are looking for a highly competitive clan, we may not be for you!


      Clan Name: Play2Lose

      Clan Tag: P2L

      Clan Level: 14

      Platform: PS4

      Members: 15

      Division: Platinum



      • Play as a team
      • Be respectful to others
      • Try to be active
      • Be loyal
      • Have fun


      If this sounds like a clan you want to join simply add CazzaWatson on PSN, you will then be invited into the clan after a brief chat.


      Good luck and we hope to see you in game soon!.