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    Top 150 Diamond Division Clan Recruiting!


      Whats up guys? Looking for a new clan? Looks like you have came to the right place! I am the leader of the PS3 clan Apex Predators!, we are currently 130th in the world for Diamond Division and just recently took first against 4 clans in the top 90. We have a few very specific requirements that must be met for you to be able to join our tightly bonded family of players. If you fit these rules contact me on Twitter @TheBigHawk75 , KIK @BigHawk75, or psn @BigHawk75

      1. Diamond war availability. 8 hours every 2 weeks on the weekend

      2.Microphone (must chat)

      3. Above a 1.5 KD (possible exceptions)

      4. Able to fit in with our gaming family.