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    Plat. Div. 360 US Based LvL 25 Tech 9 Gaming is recruiting, Join Today

      Rebuilding and looking for new members. US based Tech 9 Gaming is a 18 & over mature adult community. This is a layed back fun and competitive atmosphere for everyone that works together to win or lose together, while earning gear and so on. Allot to come once the stability of active members are in place. Apply Today!

      Requirements To Join T9G:

      Be chill N kill!

      18 & Over ... Maturity a Must

      Required KD: 1.0 & Above! ( as posted )

      Game Play: 250 & Above game hours! ( as posted )

      MIC A MUST!

      Must be Active!

      Know Callouts!

      Those who can represent our name professionally win or loose!

      Those who can work as a Team!

      Those who are Mature and Respectful!

      Those who want to go to the next level, remembering everyone has to start somewhere!

      Must have cod app. Useful during clan wars!

      What is NOT allowed inside Tech 9 Gaming:

      NO Drama

      NO Cheating of any kind, no mods

      NO Hotheads

      NO Fighting

      NO Annoying Cursing or Yelling stupidity through mic! That is not how we represent our name here!

      NO Trouble Makers

      NO Freeloaders

      The ( I am better than you ) attitude is not welcome here!

      This is a relaxing fun, but also competitive community for mature adult who like to concentrate on the game without all the  annoying debacle. Room for advancements to those that are trust worthy. Titles will be earned and not given away. This is for building a solid structure for this community for the long haul and those who like to go to the next level. Join Today!

      How to apply:

      IF you meet ALL the requirements above, no exceptions


      Founder and XBL GT:


      Lt. Commanders / Recruiters:


      Apply through COD app  Tech 9 Gaming