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    Sledgehammer Games : Walking down a dangerous path ?

      As time gets closer to the next release of the CoD franchise more and more often we get new pieces of information both on the single player as well on the multiplayer. Also the devs have started to give more information abut the game through interviews that they give. They have announced that AW has been catered for the more skillful players. Beyond that we have seen celebrities of the gaming industry that they have had the privilege of playing the multiplayer mode in advance stating that this is a very fast paced game.

      On top of all these we have the futuristic concept of the game with laser guns and new abilities with the exosceletons. Being able to jump higher, further away, more strength, the ability to climb walls like spider man and finally we have seen men with jets that can fly. I don't know how much of these will be in the multiplayer but the jump has been announced that it will be in multiplayer.


      Starting from the last the future concept of the game. I am a little skeptic of how well this might me taken from multiplayer community with all the new staff that has been announced. It might work well for the single player mode. But the new staff and the new moves that have been incorporated look some kind of unreal to me that I have difficulty in accepting them. It looks like Titan Fall and I must confess that although that I have seen hundreds of game plays on youtube of the game (I am on PS) I have yet to accept the game. It doesn't look anything like something that resembles close to reality. Close to something we know and are accustomed to it. Giant robots with futuristic guns that don't look anything like humans or the way humans move.

      When I started playing the CoD games what attracted me most to the game was the reality of the game that resemble the human form and the reality of the guns. I knew the AK47 was real. I have fired with it in real life. I knew the M16 and even if I hadn't fired with it I could fire it if I wanted. Also the maps were places that could have been truly on earth. This is what made me choose the game and not some other like Halo that had forms that does not resemble humans and they use guns that are out of this world in another planet.

      Another area of my concern is that this game is for the more skilled player. The multiplayer community is a puzzle that consists of many pieces. One of it may be the skilled players. But what of the rest of pieces of the puzzle ? The not so skilled player, the begginer, the players that play occasionally or only on weekends and the more other categories of players ? What about them ? Will they be able to play the game and enjoy it or will they be part of a game just to be owned in every game by the skilled players ?


      Already I have seen people on this forum that have started to have doubts about the concept of the new game.


      When it was announced that Sledgehammer was working and releasing the next title there was a hope and wish that bringing a new studio will give the new game a fresh breath and maybe an innovation that was much needed to the franchise.


      I really hope that when the game is released it will be fun and joyful to play by most categories of players and not just one.


      Don't get me wrong. All things mentioned above consist of my own though and wishes. I hope that AW lives up to all our expectations and turns out to be the best title ever yet. I don't want to see people dissatisfied by it and go back to previous titles like what happened to Ghost were people went back to BO2.


      I have pre-ordered the limited edition of the game for PS4 and a normal one for the PS3 so as you see I am pretty in for the game. That is why I am so worried.


      Closing I would like to say that I wish that Sledgehammer have found the winning recipe for the game and that all turns fine for them.


      I have not marked this post as a question because the above are only my own opinions and any answers on this are considered as correct since they reflect your opinions.

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          1. Re: Sledgehammer Games : Walking down a dangerous path ?

          People moan and cry that COD is the same game every year, but then change comes around the corner, and people start crying foul. Me personally, am hyped about AW. I mean, why wouldnt I be? Its still COD, but a new flavor. People cant cry about the game yet because it hasnt even been released. I think SH will bring something new to COD. People keep asking, "Make it like MW2" "Make it like BO1". I say no to that. I hope that SH brings forth their own unique gameplay ideas and taste instead of copied ones.

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            2. Re: Sledgehammer Games : Walking down a dangerous path ?

            I just wish they would keep it realistic. Bo2 and ghosts and advanced warfare were all in the future. Its just not a good formula for this game. It's not realistic or practical.


            I want to see modern warfare or past warfare not future warfare. It's just not relatable. I also want to see them stop trying to force these gimmicks down our throats. That's all COD is now. Just gimmicks that they try and use to attract people. The customization, the perk system, and slide and lean. It's all a gimmick and it does not keep people coming back for more.


            When the game was just basics it was fun and enjoyable. Now it's just boring with no incentive to play.

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              3. Re: Sledgehammer Games : Walking down a dangerous path ?

              Modern Warfare 4 FTW.

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                4. Re: Sledgehammer Games : Walking down a dangerous path ?

                This is one of the best written posts that I've ever read in this forum.  It explains exactly what I feel as well.  CoD's successful formula is basically a simple one.  It's simple formula has made it one of the most popular games ever.  But as each year passes, the squeaky wheels always get the oil and they start adding things that take the realism out of the game.  I've seen the AW footage and I'll be honest, it might have the CoD logo on the game, but what I see is not CoD...It's another fantasy-style shooter with robots, lasers and flying. 


                Guys, I get called out when I do a simple drop shot...Can you imagine trying to shoot an enemy and he instantly flys sideways and then jumps sixty feet in the air?  Come on, that's not CoD.


                For those excited for this change, I respect that...I'm just not one of them!

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                  5. Re: Sledgehammer Games : Walking down a dangerous path ?

                  Thank you for your words.

                  What worries me is exactly what you have also said. It may turn out as another fantasy-style shooter.

                  And maybe this is what will push people to go back to previous titles that they are accustomed to and they know well.

                  I have a feeling that Black Ops 2 will be the longest more popular game ever. It will continue to have a huge number or players online two years on since its release.

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                    6. Re: Sledgehammer Games : Walking down a dangerous path ?

                    Simple can be good. But it also gets old. I can tell you this much. After playing titanfall, every other shooter on the market seems slow and simple. I am stoked. I hope they cram in as much titanfall type stuff as they can fit. There is one thread you rarely see on the titanfall forum. "Camping" anything. It just doesn't happen in that game.

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                      7. Re: Sledgehammer Games : Walking down a dangerous path ?

                      I don't know. The ability to jump higher might give the players more places to camp. Places that can be difficult to be flashed out or over-flanked. Thus giving them an advantage point to get more kills.

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                        8. Re: Sledgehammer Games : Walking down a dangerous path ?

                        This is where it gets tricky. If players enjoy Titanfall so much, they should stick with it. When people start to copy ideas from others, often it never works as well as hoped. From what's been released with the Halo jumping and the "energy" laser gun, this is not a CoD game at heart. Even Ghosts with all its faults, still plays like a CoD.

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                          9. Re: Sledgehammer Games : Walking down a dangerous path ?

                          I have just seen a tweet of Mike Rufail on twitter that says that he has just played AW over at SHGames. He also added that "there are so many changes that are great for competition. A good year for CODeSports is ahead"

                          This strengthens my worries. Is this going to be a game for the pros and for competition only ? What happens to masses of the players that are not pros or not so skilled. What happens to the players that do not compete in CODeSports ?

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