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    PS3 | Level 24 Clan | US, UK and Canada | GunPlayMax is looking for new recruits | Enlist today



      Who are we


      We are a level 24 Platinum clan based out of US, Canada and UK.

      We are very active and are looking for new recruits for a limited time only.



      Must be mature

      K/D greater than 0.7

      Number of Hours played greater than 24

      Must have the COD app

      Must have mic


      How to apply

      Add  PSN: KingOFAndals

      Apply through the app by searching the clan name GunPlayMax

      We are currently ranked 1st in the clan wars

                                  Face book Page : Gunplaymax | Facebook

      ALL new recruits will be accessed by playing in a party before being accepted permanently in the clan.

      Mic requirements may be relaxed for exceptional players!

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