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    MarkOfJ Says The Remington is getting nerfed

      I cant ******* Believe what i heard from my favorite cod player. markofj the man with 5000 hands said that the remington r5 was nerfed i dont know what the nerf was but this is a load of bullshit why did infinty ward do this the remington r5 was OP i get that but u could easily kill a guy with a remington r5 and if u are ******* complaining about how over powered **** is then u just are a ******* idiot theres always going to be OP weapons in cod or FPS games theres no need to nerf them unless theres a big reason and why is infinity ward nerfing all the weapons theres no more weapons to use anymore and infinty ward thinks they did us a favor but there not.


      If infinty ward is reading this


      your the worst game developers ever u bring things that we hated in modern warfare 2 and 3 and said it will be ******* amazing u think its going to be good but a **** ton of people hate u guys for makeing the worst cod game in history u nevered studied the last ******* cod games cause u guys were so ******* lazy anf also u just took MW3 and MW2 put them together and then u just ******* added new guns and called it ghost!