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    showtime sucks


      i dont understand why people liked shipment on cod4 and these people are the same people who like nuketown..these 2 maps are absolutely terrible..the good thing about showtime tho is that it opens up after like a min or so and the map gets somewhat better but that first min or so its not even fun if u get killed and then get killed again at spawn..this map definitely makes nuketown look good. who else agrees?

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          The original was great for 1v1, 2v2s etc. Of course the remake is terrible since the newer IW did everything in their power to screw around with the mechanics of the map.

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              ^ This


              1v1 is all it was goof for in cod4. I was surprised when they announced this as a returning fan favorite. I don't even remember it popping up very often 6v6 TDM. And the rare times it did... you had ppl laying down in the grass in the corners all the time.

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              I agree with nuketown. It's way too small and I don't like it.

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                6 years ago CoD was a different game. I had a blast spawn killing and being spawn killed on Shipment. The times, the game and my attitude of gaming has changed since then. I can't stand these small maps with non-stop close quarter combat. Granted, Showtime has opened up quite a bit compared to the original Shipment........ I still don't like it.


                But maybe there are players out there that will love it. To them, this is their Shipment I experience back then. So I'll have to bite my tongue and live with it.

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                  Here is the irony....


                  People assume smaller maps are great for Run and Gun.. which is true to an extent.


                  But the fact is, the chaotic nature of these maps often make it HARDER to run and gun successfully as you are constantly in danger of being caught in a crossfire or spawn killed. Thus, in the end people end up camping more to avoid constantly dying. They take advantage of the people who say "Oh Great! Small Map, gonna run around!", by simply sitting and waiting for them.


                  Inversely, people think Medium to Large maps are havens for Campers, which again is true to an extent. But at the same time, they give Runners and Tactical Gamers more room to move around, more paths to follow, and in the end often become more lively than the smaller maps, where people hide just to stay alive.

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                    Haven't got to play the new re-make(PS4) , but I would prefer they left Shipment back in MW, With MW players only had the same 3 kill streaks , now with so many variables I could imagine what you posted being spot on to was I initially thought. Why did they bring THIS map back? was their some kind of poll that we had to vote on? Why not Backlot

                    Backlot loadscreen CoD4

                    Or better yet a new map !!! I'll keep in mind what some here mentioned for when it come to PS

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                      Nuketown was fun in Bo1 but really **** on Bo2

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                        Yep, there are small maps in Cod. Shipment, Rust, Nuketown, etc.

                        Some folks love small maps, some dislike due to their chaotic nature.

                        However, some folks, which include me, are ambivalent.

                        Let me put it this way. First and foremost I prefer variety in maps. Whether that be how they are constructed or size. Having this variety, especially in size, leads to change in pace from one match to the other. Ghosts for me has made a great balance when it comes to different sizes of maps, and for that I am pleased.

                        The way I look at small maps is probably a bit childlike, lols. I generally play maps with a real sense of purpose, tactically making my way around. But hey, sometimes I just go, 'stuff it, lets just have some fun'. I still play to win, but on the smaller maps I'll go for a bit of a run. Perhaps work on Shotguns/smgs/ or weapons that need ranking up.

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                            Ah Rust... The glory days with OMA noob tubes and being able to spam them from the top of the map.

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                                Rust was a gas. I didn't love it as an actual multiplayer map. But I used to play split screen with my bro, play against his friends in a private lobby. We would do all the things we would not do during normal gameplay. We would muck around quickscoping, troll eachother, and generally be very childish. Rust was the perfect map to just be a nob. XD