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    What are your essential perks?

      What I mean by that is what kind of perks are you unable to play without?  For me, it's Stalker, Ready-Up, and Sitrep.  Sometimes I'll slap on Dead Silence if I run into Amplify campers. 

      The reason for Stalker is because I like constant movement, even while ADS'ing.  If I don't have stalker enabled, I end up being a slow moving target for someone to shoot at.  Stalker is especially good for firing my shotgun, pumping while taking cover, and popping out of cover to fire again.


      Ready-Up is there to help me react to an enemy combatant.  Without it, I'll end up losing more gunfights.


      As for Sitrep, it's not only for avoiding pesky IEDs, but I can also track down enemy streaks and destroy them for extra points (or use a ground jammer).  But the perk is mostly there to avoid IEDs since they're so powerful (especially after two nerfs).



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          Re: What are your essential perks?

          Dead Silence is quintessential. It's like the Black Ops II Flak Jacket. You don't want to get C4+Scavenger abused? You ran Flak Jacket. You don't want to get soundwhored and give your opponent the 98/2 advantage in the 'gunfight' (Pre fire-fight)? You run Dead Silence.


          Hardline for me is extremely useful because I only run Assault and it's necessary to confidently hit streaks above the Guard Dog. It's an underrated game changing perk. Being buzzkilled 1 off a Helo without Hardline is the difference between a win and a loss.


          No other perks I would consider mandatory though. Possibly a Marathon-Dead Silence-Agility trio for Vector gameplay. Deadeye is powerful in the right hands and Recon is very useful with Thermobarics and other explosives combined with +1 Tac and +1 Lethal.

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