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      Clan: Social eXemption

      Members: 30

      Clan Stats: 1.28 KD 57% W/L

      Looking for really ACTIVE and LOYAL players to join my clan. Players that participate in ClanWars, who are on regularly and likes to have a laugh.

      We're a Clan based in the UK, but do have a few members from around the world, members aged from 15-30+, we're looking for mature players, not players who rage quit every single game or most games.

      We're dedicated to ClanWars and we expect every member, to do their bit and help out. If members do not help out in ClanWars, they're more than likely to be kicked, unless they're away on Holiday or have other important stuff to be dealing with.

      The Clan Requirements:

      - KD & WL Doesn't matter, but we do ask for you to be atleast Prestige 1 (No Prestige Hackers)

      - Must help out during ClanWars

      - Must be an active member

      - Must be 15+

      - Must Speak Clear English

      If interested message me on PS3 Tyler_OAFC letting me know your Prestige,Age, How active you're and why you want to join the Clan.