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    Idea For Extinction Teeth Grind

      GHOSTS EXTINCTION There should be a way to earn more teeth per week. Say you want to take a risk and sign up for a weekly challenge and attempt to accomplish it. It would almost be like a gamble which would make it both fun and competitive. Examples could be:


      -Complete a total of 65 challenges this week for a 20 teeth reward


      -Complete 20 games this week using only pistols for a 30 teeth reward


      -Run 5 or more relics while also hypno knifing a total of 40 rhinos for a 50 teeth reward


          These are just some of the many weekly challenges that could be beneficial for extinction fans who want more teeth. Challenges that would be fair and not have players fight over what happens in each game, so that the teeth gain would keep people more motivated. But, also the challenges would be achievable depending on the amount of playtime each player has. Just as idea I wanted to point out. Let me know if this sounds good!