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    Lag since update?

      has anybody else had problems with lag since the update? ive gotten lag in game before but its never been this bad. I get first shot on people and still lose gun fights, and im skipping across the map like crazy. Its making the game unplayable.

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          Re: Lag since update?

          I've had minor issues but nothing that bad. It hasn't affected gameplay all that much.

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            Re: Lag since update?

            What hawaiianSF, says..


            A few laggy lobbies, but nothing out of the ordinary.  I know i'm tempting fate , but imo, it's been one of the least laggy periods, post patch, i can remember.


            There are a few things you can try which "may" help your situation, but no guarantees.


            Play on a wired connection.

            Check and re-check all physical connections too and from the Xbox/router

            Clear system cache

            When you feel the LAG Monster creeping up on you, back out to the dashboard, (from the lobby, not in game ), and test your connection from "System settings".  Restart your session, and see how it feels.


            It's possible a geographical issue is interfering with the quality of your game play and nothing you do will solve the issues.  Give the suggestions above a try as a starting point, they're quick and easy and they certainly wont make the situation worse.

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